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S01.E09: Dark Knight Of The Soul

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I hope we get a Duella/Stephanie duo this episode.

I hope Turner enjoys his trip.

Nope we're getting Harper and Steph duo for more ship teasing. I still prefer Cullen and Steph but whatever. Also I hope the construction guys don't respond to the flirting because SHE IS A TEENAGER!

Turner just embrace the hallucination. It'll be cathartic.

Harvey's recording his defense on a camcorder is so cute. It's like the 90s.

Duella NO to the mashup names! Bad Duella!

Won't the Court have their Geiger counters or whatever? Surely they're smart enough to not just accept it's the right rock without checking?

I assumed Bruce chose Turner because he had a Robin shaped hole in his heart and wanted to fill it. Carrie seems to be the only one in this world and her mom's alive and well so he couldn't adopt her.

The Court is saying Bats killed Turner's parents? Unintentional collateral damage maybe but not on purpose. 

You know, I'd genuinely love it if the Court got Turner to join them and he became the Big Bad of the show. It would be a nice twist.

I love a Dark Knight callback so well done Duella.

Damn the Court called their bluff and got what they wanted. Formidable indeed.

Did Harvey spend the entire day recording his defense? Damn he's thorough.

Big Bad Harv! About time we saw you in action.

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Emily Rose as Mrs. Hayes
Charlie Bodin as Mr. Hayes
Chris Blount as Lab Tech
Mustapha J. Slack as Construction Worker

I was surprised that Emily Rose took such a minor role.

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Lincoln is likely full of shit about Bruce/Batman being responsible for the death of Turner's parents, but I do suspect that there will be some kind of twist about why he was never able to apprehend the killers and why he did single out Turner for adoption.  Maybe he knew his parents in some way?  Failed to save them?  Maybe they died by one of his many enemies (hell, bonus twist if it was the Joker that killed them!)

Emily Rose!  I know she will probably always be known best for Haven but I'll always think of her first as Elena Fisher from the Uncharted video game series!

I'm pretty sure the video recorder said Harvey was giving his testimony for close to three hours!  Granted, part of it might have been him blacking out and this over personality blabbing on for a bit as well.

So continues to game to see which eventual couple will happen first: Harper/Stephanie or Turner/Duela?

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The three possibilities I've considered for the secret Bruce was keeping from Turner are (a) his biological parents died because Bruce screwed up, (b) Bruce is his biological father after all, (c) he's the son of one of Batman's rogues gallery.

I'd rather Harper/Stephanie and Turner/Duela than Stephanie/Turner.

21 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

I'm pretty sure the video recorder said Harvey was giving his testimony for close to three hours!

It said that at the bottom of the screen, but then immediately afterwards the time was on the top of the screen instead and maxed out at 2 hours when it said the card was full. Either way, the reason the card didn't have as much space as Harvey expected was that there was already another video.

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I swear I wish this trope would die. Character A likes Character B.  Character A walks in on something innocent involving Character B and Character C. Character A gives up right then and there. I don't even ship them, but the trope is annoying. 

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