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S02.E13 : Can't Fight This Feeling

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A bridal shower stirs up resentments and memories, an awkward encounter leads to a life-changing question, and a tragedy shakes teenage Kate's world.


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That was funny, but poor Theo. 
after this, I’m going to try Succession again. They’re all awful people.  No tearjerkers.  I’m tired of death.

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17 hours ago, Anela said:

That was funny, but poor Theo. 

I LOVED him giving the finger as he was been wheeled out of the apartment by the EMTs. I laughed so hard.

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I honestly couldn't watch that scene with Theo finding Johnny in the shower as it was cringy because we knew what was going to happen.  So please fill me in, did we find out how exactly did Theo lose his one ball?

But yeah I agree, him giving the finger as he was being wheeled out was funny.

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1 hour ago, greekmom said:

did we find out how exactly did Theo lose his one ball?

I think we're to think he fell on the edge of the tub hard enough to injure it. We'd found out earlier he was down a ball, so without going into gory details, we got the how.

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Theo, you dodged a bullet. I adore teenage Kate, but adult Kate, at any age, is insufferable. 

That she is still raking Tully over the coals for the accident Tully did not cause us ridiculous. Should Tully have let her go out with her friend that night? No but I’m willing to bet Kate, who let Marah do pretty much whatever she wanted, would have consented or allowed Marah to go if she had been at home.

The fact that Tully was the first person Kate ran to when she got her cancer diagnosis should have made her wake up and see the gem she has in Tully. 80s Tully putting aside her run-in with Cloud to talk about Kate’s relationship woes with Johnny was one example of how Tully might be selfish at times, but never when it comes to Kate. 

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