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S23.E12: The Knockouts Premiere

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Country superstar Reba McEntire serves as mega mentor for the knockouts; the coaches pair two artists to perform individually against each other, then select a winner to move on to the playoffs; the pressure is on, as each coach only has one steal.

Airs April 17 at 8:00pm on NBC

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Here are my thoughts on the pairings:

Noivas vs Tasha - Both quite good. I guess I would pick Noivas just for a guy doing that song. Noivas won. Tasha stolen

Ali vs Marcos - Ali was quite good. Marcos was awful like he was out of tune and maybe nervous. My pick obviously was Ali. Ali won

Gina vs Kate - Both were very good. I guess Kate would be my pick in a slight edge. Gina won

Nariyella vs Ray - Both really good. Difficult choice but I would choose Nariyella if pushed. Ray won

Walker vs Kylee - Both were good, though I preferred Kylee. Kylee won

Cait vs Kala - I liked both but I would pick Cait. Cait won. Kala stolen

Overall, pretty good performances and some hard choices, with only one bad performance

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The ones pushed through to the final just seemed so extra trying to get screen time.  The problem IMO of pushing people through to the final is that they aren't building a fan base as we're not seeing/hearing them in these rounds.

I was surprised that Blake did not keep Walker.  Makes me wonder what his strategy is for his final season ever. 

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