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S01.E04: The Day of The Girls

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As the Power challenges the status quo across the world, we find three of our characters in the midst of their own personal revolutions.

Premiere Date: April 6, 2023     Prime Video    

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I find girls having the power to shoot electricity from their fingers easier to believe than a police captain successfully ordering his men to lay down their weapons after the mob had just turned their fellow soldiers into beef kebab. 

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The uprising of the Arabic women was powerful and exhilarating! It reminded me of what is actually going on in Iran right now. 

Tunde, Tunde, Tunde...sigh. He so means well, but seems so hapless. First, he gets his journalist friend injured, thoughtlessly unloads her suffering to the internet, which changes her life for the worst, then has the audacity to ho to her for advice about his CNN opportunity - which he got because he uploaded her suffering to the internet! To add insult to injury, it was her story! Tunde is a likable enough guy, and a bit of an opportunist. He's like a lot of folk, just bumbling through life, unintentionally harming others and somehow benefitting. 

And through his time in Saudi Arabia, he was lucky to have Nourah as his guide and protector. She was so very smart, strong, resourceful and capable. The scene and conversation in the apartment was excellent. When Tunde offered to use his connections to help get her out, I though she was gonna laugh in his face. Up to that point he'd been pretty dependent on her. 

Loving the series so far, so looking forward to the next episode. 

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