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S01.E19: Burn Run

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As Simone is doing office inventory, she uncovers a trail of bodies that leads her to investigate a case involving a reclusive business tycoon. Meanwhile, Laura and Brendon track down an evidence thief and Carter works to prove Fortune’s innocence.

Original airdate 3/29/23

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Phoebe Neidhardt as Sherry
Steven Culp as Oliver Bailor
Next New Episode: April 18, 2023

Even though this was 3 short stories, I enjoyed them more that the stuff that they have been releasing lately, since they were quirky and less serious. I would still prefer if the stories were even weirder to keep the show from wandering into standard police procedural territory, which isn't my cup of tea.

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I liked that they let Bailor be a good guy who was actually good at his job rather than just the big meanie who'd tried to stifle Simone's awesomeness. I wasn't expecting that since Simone's awesomeness generally seems to be an unquestionable thing in the show's universe. 

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