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S29: Reed Kelly

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Broadway Performer/Model/Aerialist


Relationship to Significant Castaway: Josh Canfield’s boyfriend


SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Yikes. Hopefully I will be unlike anyone thus far (in a good way), but if I had to pick: Malcolm Freberg and Stephenie LaGrossa for their hyper-competitiveness and athleticism; Bob Crowley for his nerdy science knowledge and ingenuity; and Lisa Whelchel for her faith.


Official CBS Bio

I'm on board with that combo of people.


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Zombie schmombie. i want to see him use his Spider-powers in a challenge, and then change his vote at the last minute in tribal council because his Spider-sense started tingling. Also, I would not be averse to him swinging from the ceiling while making wisecracks about his enemies.

I figure Probst would be J.J.Jameson, John Rocker would be The Rhino... I'm sure other secret identities will become apparent as the game progresses...

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It's too bad he isn't getting any confessionals. I think the only time he's talked is of him whining about lack of food.

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