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S02.E15: Good Samaritan

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When a Navy deserter accidentally comes out of hiding, his family becomes a target that drives the NCIS team and Charlie 1 to investigate who is after them. Meanwhile, Lucy surprises the team by returning to Hawai'i from her agent afloat job early.

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I really enjoyed this episode.  Lucy is back from her Agent Afloat assignment.  Surprisingly, I wasn't annoyed by Lucy or Whistler.  Now that they aren't focused on the angst of trying to get together, they seem like a good match.

Alan, the agent who was temporarily assigned to what he calls the "A Team", has apparently been with them all this time and was lamenting going back to his B team within NCIS.  Interesting that we hardly saw him, but in my head I guess I accept that we only see maybe 1 out of every 10 cases that NCIS solves, all the rest are being done off-air.

Nice to see Charlie 1 again, I think he seems like a good recurring character.  If Captain Melius is never coming back to Hawaii, then I think he and Jane would be a good pairing.

Loved the joke about how Alex said he wouldn't put his mom into an annoying situation (or something like that) and she said "how quickly you forget about dinner with Cassandra".  Hah.  Love the continuity.

Case of the week was good.  I find it interesting that all those people were standing around watching that lady in the car on the cliff and not one person even attempted to save her, they just stood there gawking and screaming.  Nice that the Navy deserter and his North Korean wife got their happy ending.  But they will have to live their lives constantly keeping an eye out for a North Korean kill squad.

I loved the scene at the end with the whole team (including Commander Chase) at Lucy's non-surprise party.  The team is really gelling together and I'm glad the show has been renewed for a third season.

Still waiting to discover what Jesse Boone's darkness is.  Maybe that will be a major plotline in Season 3.

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The only problem I had was exactly where was the FBI once NCIS and Charlie 1 identified North Korean agents running around that being one of their lead agency responsibilities? A new family in Albuquerque under Inspector Shannon in witness protection is a good outcome

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I could have used a little less of the angsty Lucy being all crestfallen at how awkwardly uncomfortable her team was with her early return......of a single day.  I don't know why they didn't just 'fess up right away about the party.  Like:  "Yay, Lucy's early!  Remember the massive party for her tomorrow, it will give her time to settle in!"  At that point, you just give up the concept of surprise.  The way they portrayed it, the team seemed more into the party than they were about Lucy's return.  "Oh, hey Lucy.  {Crap, what about the party?}"

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Charlie 1 and his nonstop munching! 😂

Alex is on baby duty while Daniel and his 2nd wife are away. So where’s Julie supposed to be? Another sleepover at friend’s house?

I would rather watch Alex babysitting Nate than watching Lucy’s petty drama. Ugh.

Glad that Lt. Park, Bomi Seong and their kids can still be together and continue living under the radar.

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I liked how Tenant pulled the strings to help Bomi Seong and her family. Not going for the emotional approach but with smartness. I thought the Lucy party stuff was tolerable but just barely. 

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