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S01.E13: Let Him Hang

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With Gus clinging to life, Abby, Hoyt, Kate, and Calian stop at nothing to expose Tom's true nature and end the Davidson reign over Independence once and for all.

Airdate: 03/02/2023

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I really like this show. I think I like it even more than it's parent show, Walker. If this ends up being the last episode I'm happy with how things ended with main plot and all the characters. I really hope there is another season but with new leadership at the CW, nothing is certain. 

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Overall, I thought it was a good episode. It featured everyone and had good action sequences as well as quieter character moments. It also set up Season 2 nicely, even though we still don't know if there will even be a Season 2. I hope so, because I think this show has good production quality, acting and writing.

Tom kills his injured brother, hoping that people will think Shane and Gus killed each other in a shoot-out. How can he ever get a redemption arc after that?

Gus survives! Now everyone knows that Tom is a bad guy, although he claims that he acted out of loyalty to his Aunt Teresa, who rescued him from a mental institution. He also claims to have acted to protect Abby from his family.

From what I can tell, Shane shot Liam first, but then Tom shot Liam to end his suffering and pretended to shoot Abby but didn't because he has this creepy, obsessive love for Abby.

After the big shoot-out on the town streets, Tom is injured and captured and sent away in a prison wagon to stand trial in another town (Dallas? Houston? I don't remember). But the wagon is ambushed on the way. The prison guard sitting inside the wagon with Tom has a circle tattoo on his hand, which Tom recognizes. Guard knocks Tom out. At the end, we see Tom sitting alone by a campfire when he's approached by his father (whose face we never see).

It looks like they're setting up Tom's father as the big bad of Season 2 and that this mysterious circle tattoo is connected to the Davidson family.

Also, Abby throws up, strongly hinting that she is pregnant. Is it Tom's baby? Or her husband's? I don't know how much time has passed since Abby came to Independence.

I also want to add that there were a lot of nice visuals in this episode, like the one of Calian standing on the rooftop drawing back his bow to shoot an arrow.

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