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S05.E09: Feel It in the Air

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When the Santa Ana winds blow into town, they seem to confirm Billy’s theory that they are a bad omen after he faces multiple setbacks. Spencer convinces a reluctant ally to speak their truth, but it doesn’t come without consequences. Jordan finds himself juggling too many secrets and accidentally lets one slip. Olivia throws herself into moving on and comes to an unexpected realization. Meanwhile, Skye offers to help Patience with her social media, leaving Coop’s and Skye’s relationship dynamic to change.

Airdate: 01/30/2023

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So last week's episode ends with the big cliffhanger of Jaymee collapsing, and this week they're like, "Eh, don't feel like paying her or Asher.  We'll get to whether she dies (probably does) later."  Lame!

Isaiah is talking about a weight being lifted off his shoulders because he confessed to injuring that player for a bounty, and because he uses the phrase "moving on," Spencer somehow applies this to himself and decides it means he should keep stringing Alicia along.  That  makes sense.  This is after he's confessed that he loves Olivia and isn't ready for a committed relationship like 12 hours earlier.  Alicia looks desperate now.  I don't care about her explanation for why she suddenly wanted a commitment (the engaged guy).  It's just the writers having no idea how to continue writing Spencer and Olivia as a couple, yet feeling the need to bring up their love every five minutes.  And I must have been confused when Spencer and Alicia were having their strip poker discussion in the previous episode, because I assumed from some of the dialogue that they were already having sex. 

Anyway, Spencer was annoying me, so I don't feel bad about the huge BETRAYAL of learning from big-mouth Barnes that Billy is supposedly going to be coach.  This is taking so long that I have the feeling it will fall through, maybe because Barnes will find out Olivia wrote the article and it's a conflict of interest?  I might have said that in November, but I don't remember if I actually posted it or it just popped in my head at some point.

I hope that Patience responding to the fan even though it went against what Skye had told her was just to show that she wants to be herself and not a cookie-cutter celebrity, and not some storyline where the girl turns out to be a stalker (I got enough of that when I watched Star).  Coop seems really over her relationship with pushy Skye, but Skye would probably just keep showing up in the episodes anyway (now that she's "in the vortex"), even if Coop dumps her.  She already slept with Patience and didn't reciprocate Skye's love declaration (which I hadn't even noticed Skye saying in last week's episode until the later argument about it).  Maybe Skye will turn out to be a stalker at this rate.

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The meh-est of meh eps.  I can't recall a single aspect of it for which I cared in the least.  Maybe trying to figure out the degree of mendacity in Barnes is about it.

What happened to rival studio dude who was crushing Layla's biz?  How much cash remains to be burned?  Daddy ain't gonna keep supporting a loser (in a professional sense) like her.  I have totally missed what happened to the wunderkind marketer who instantly all but took over.  Did some other company poach her?

I did, now that I think about it, like the conversation between Jordan and Spencer where Spencer was challenging Jordan to explain just how staying at the crippled FAU was better for his QB dreams.  Then, the quick switch to declaring the Layla relationship.  The first point stands - no way in Hades does staying make sense for playing out their football ambitions.  They would each be literally crushed on the field with the cobbled roster they will have behind them.  Each needs to move on.  Yesterday.

I would love to know how Coop has all this time to hang out, given she has the job and the law class which would be kicking her ass.  Ohhhhhh.  Silly Lonesome.  Coop just gonna absorb the law by staring at the covers of the law books. 

Worst of all is Billy just playing at being Principal.  Talk about a job that requires 18 hours a day.  Has he dealt with even one bad situation at the school in recent eps?  That place would have mini-crises most every day.  Serious ones.  That smile would not get it done.      

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16 hours ago, KWalkerInc said:

This is after he's confessed that he loves Olivia and isn't ready for a committed relationship like 12 hours earlier.

This was so stupid!  Just because he saw Olivia with Noah suddenly he’s all ready to bang Alicia again?  Wut?

Just put Spencer back together with Olivia, show.  Also, Olivia looked totally adorable with her hair down in the cheetah print sweater and jeans.  It is possible for wardrobe to find full-length shirts!

Patience, no.  You made your mouth look totally weird.

Still do not like Droopy Dawg Asher in any way, but I have to begrudgingly admit his friendship with Coop is very cute.

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Is the budget for this show really so bad that we can't get a full set of characters every episode?  Switching people out, and talking about them off screen is really annoying.  Jaime had a life-threatening medical situation, and the next episode, we only get one throw-away line about it from Spencer?  Daily soap operas have to do this, but prime time dramas should not.

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