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S02.E03: Paymer vs. Paymer

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Empty nesters Dolly and Dutch seek clarity on how to spend their next chapter. Meanwhile, Helene helps Ruby tap into her newfound youth. Javier opens up to Roarke as he wrestles with his new role.

Guest Cast: James Denton as Dutch; Teri Hatcher as Dolly; Andy Richter as Game Show Host; Alexa Mansour as Helene; Bryan Cid Borrero as Harrison

Airdate: January 16, 2023

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I am not sure why the wife was complaining about not getting a window seat of the side of the plane she wanted, since there were about 5 window seats on each side of the plane and they were the only passengers.

I thought that Ruby's phone might have ended up next to her when she was awakened from her bender.

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This episode was Another home run for me. like the deeper soul searching this season so far. Love Elena and Ruby. Great casting all around. Sorry I know liking everything is boring. I'll lean into it soon lol .

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It was fun to see Teri Hatcher and James Denton back together.  But I think they missed an opportunity - they should have had Dean Cain on as another guest, with a fantasy of being a superhero.  And he creates a love triangle by repeatedly "saving" Teri from bizarre mishaps.  Too obvious?  Probably, but it would have been campy and fun.

Didn't love the Ruby and Helene scenes.  Ruby had pretty much dropped the old crackly voice thing that just wasn't working in Season 1, but yep, it came back with providing sage advice to Helene.  Petty quibble - Helene's hair bugs me.  They never show her hairline, so to me it looks like she has a bad wig on.  But on her imdb page she has the same hair in a lot of non FI photos.  So she's either going through life with a bad wig, or she just has weird hair. 


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I'm actually not crazy about any of the scenes with the regulars except when they are doing their hosting duties.  Just like in the police procedurals I watch, I don't like their personal stories.

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