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S03.E09: Quiet Before The Storm

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Alice’s past mistakes blow up in her face, forcing Sophie and Dani to pick up the pieces. Shane drops a bombshell at Angie’s class reading. Meanwhile, Finley helps Carrie seduce Misty, but can Carrie check her baggage and get the girl?

Original Streaming Date: January 13, 2023        Showtime OnDemand
Original Air Date: January 15, 2023      Showtime    8pm


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Oh Angie, don't be a dummy. Regardless of whether or not he is still your teacher, he's a DICK. Have a little more respect for yourself, honey. 

Bette and Tina have officially morphed into those "don't be your parents" insurance commercials. Although in Angie's room that was probably needed. Nasty. 😖

I'm really concerned about Tess but feel like the show isn't going to address her issues in one more episode. It's not at all surprising to me that Shane finally put her foot down about a second bar - it is her money after all - but again, how obtuse are you that you don't notice that Tess is drinking again??? 

Could anyone see what Finley was Googling towards the end? I left my glasses in another room and didn't feel like retrieving them. 👵

TASHA! I was SOOO happy to see her and would love if she appeared in the last episode but I'm not optimistic. 

I'm kind of at the point where I just want everyone to have a happy ending so we can just finally put this shit show to bed for good. 

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I was entirely unspoiled on Rose Rollins visiting the show so it took me a day to get down off my delighted high and remember the rest of the episode to comment on it. But damn. Tasha. Tasha bailed on the cop plan and is a firefighter. Tasha's voice. I think I swooned. 

Wow, Angie. What a disappointing and self-destructive choice. So much for the satisfying payoff of seeing that guy suffer!

I have no grasp on what the hell they're trying to do with Shane/Tess. What was the point of her whole "give me another chance" overture if she could only last about 140 seconds into an argument with Tess until arriving at breaking up with her again and I guess also ending their business partnership and pulling her funding? Obviously Tess was way out of line, but she's clearly spiraling and Shane's response was the usual: immediately cut and run.

Maybe it's just Dre's baby face but they read to me as so much younger than Dani. The actors are probably close to the same age, but maybe it's also the way Dani presents?

19 hours ago, MicheleinPhilly said:

Could anyone see what Finley was Googling towards the end? I left my glasses in another room and didn't feel like retrieving them. 👵

Apartment rentals, sadly. ("Sadly" because I like this little family and I kind of feel like we'll lose Carrie/Misty if Finley moves out.) (If the show continues.)

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I do not understand what this show is doing with Angie. I was relieved when her roommate revealed that yes, this whole thing was icky. But they almost made it seem like we were supposed to be happy that they got together because this dick "chose to resign" (presumably because he would have been fired otherwise?) and now he can be with his 18-year-old former student? The guy who pulled the "immature" card on her earlier?

I mean, when I picture what this is like all I see is Angie having to support this guy emotionally while he tries to be an "artist" and eventually starts resenting her for taking away his employment based on his stupid choices. The only good outcome would be Angie saying okay, I made my point by dating him because I get to choose...but he's a loser so now I'm dumping him. (And then he'll no doubt write one of those TV show novels that are thinly veiled real life stories where Angie comes out badly...)

When Shane said she "couldn't do this" I had no idea what she meant. Well, actually in the moment I thought she was going to say she couldn't pretend she didn't see she was drinking again! Like...if you love this woman don't you want to fight with her? Maybe figure out what's behind her issues? 

I really like Misty and Carrie. Though it's weird that I'm watching two shows with a Misty in it and the other one makes me get nervous every time I hear this one's name!

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