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S05.E08: A Knife and No Coin

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On 1/6/2023 at 9:43 PM, Lonesome Rhodes said:

Jimmy is Juice from SOA.  I wonder if he likes pie...

OK.  No cow disease which put the whole Texas move into motion, but no discussion whatsoever about calling it off and returning to the Y any assets already on their way?  Literally insane.


What is SOA? The actor was in some Law & Order:SVU Chicago PD episodes this season.

None of the Yellowstone's cattle tested positive for brucellosis, but the bison from Yellowstone Park did have it and were on Yellowstone ranch pastures. The risk for the cattle grazing there was too much to just leave them in those pastures. If even one had tested positive for it, the cattle herd would have had to have been destroyed. 

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On 1/2/2023 at 1:52 PM, SonofaBiscuit said:


This show wastes such valuable time on stupid things that we don’t need to see. Last episode made it clear that they were going to disappear the body of the guy young Rip ended up killing. No need to expand more on that or on young Rip being branded. I also don’t need to see endless scenes of everyone on horseback driving cattle. That stuff just seems like filler that sucks up screen time. The writers (or is it just TS??) seem to have run out of ideas.

I don't understand how you can have a show about a working ranch family without showing any working ranch scenes.  I like the ranching stuff that breaks up the rest of the Murder, Screw, Inc. scenes.  It's a nice breather from the rest of the  kill, kill, kill crap.  If you only want Murder, Screw, Inc stories, there are a hundred other shows to watch.

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I didn’t understand that the decision to move the cattle followed the testing of the herd.  That seemed quick!  It does seem to me that on a ranch of 800,000 acres plus, there must be pastures well away from the Greater Yellowstone.  Wonder what the condition of the range is like in the Texas Panhandle.  Hasn’t that part of the country been experiencing record drought?

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The show has always leaned toward (if not falling forward and landing on its face) character exposition and tie ins to the other shows, rather than logical plotlines.  As others have pointed out, the move probably has more to do with getting the 4 Sixes ranch series up and running than actual working cow/calf operations.  Maybe they're betting that Yellowstone is going to crater and this is the backup plan.

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