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S21.E10: Everyone's Taco'ing About It

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I was surprised how good the dinner service went. Sommer is so much stronger since Alyssa leaving the competition I could see her getting a black jacket. Brett was lucky tonight, I wasn't expecting Sakari to mess up tonight.


Alex is back to being very strong again. Abe's laugh at the beginning was so random and out there.

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I was thinking Danny Trejo was kind of weathered for a guy in his 50s, then I looked him up and discovered why: He turns 79(!) in a few months. I also noticed he didn't do any specific food critiquing other than saying which taco he liked more.

If you could buy Abe for what he's worth and sell him for what he THINKS he's worth, you'd be a rich person.

Tara is the only truly annoying chef left.

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IMO, of course the team with one additional chef will finish first.  Sigh.

I am impressed with most of the remaining chefs.  I think either Brett or Abe should have been eliminated.  Abe talks about leadership but immediately states the missing salmon wasn't his fault as he didn't hear the order.  Um, Abe? That's kind of the definition of it being your fault...you weren't listening to the full order.  

I agree with the above post that Tara is the only really annoying person left.  She sure took credit for the Red Teams challenge win when her dish lost to her direct competitor.

I also liked that Gordon followed up with Cheyenne's burn after the service instead of ignoring it after the medic had treated it.

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Listening to Gordon Ramsay say "tacko" was so annoying. He got it right once while he was speaking with Danny Trejo and that was it. 

I laughed at whoever it was (Alex?) saying he'd been scared of Danny for so long and it was a pleasure to serve him.

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Glad we're finally done with Abe. He started out OK but then became completely delusional.

Not sure why GR had a personal talk with Alejandro. Are they hinting he might win? Because I doubt it.

Tara should be next to go, for all the obvious reasons.

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