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  1. I hope Gordon got a restraining order re: Josie. Looks like the Blue Team are all clowns except for Steve. And there is no way Antonio is only 23.
  2. Of course! Everyone is in love with Lizzie! I knew he was dead as soon as she thanked him. What did Skip say when Worst Hitman Ever asked him where Liz was? I didn't understand a word. I still can't believe the idiot didn't just wait for her to come back from the roof.
  3. Most incompetent hired gun EVER. And no Vandyke - boo! At least Bingo Red was hilarious. And now we have another cat to worry about. Poor Sierra!
  4. What really bugged me was that, in the cancer-revealing scene, Adam was comforting Bonnie instead of the other way aorund.
  5. Not the bald dude - the hot one with the long hair and piercing eyes. He hates Lizzie. ETA: IMDB says the actor is Lukas Hassel.
  6. I think it will be Andy, even though he's never really done anything outstanding. ETA: I knew Andrew was a goner as soon as he went with the luncheon meat. What the hell was he thinking? That felt like self-sabotage.
  7. I get what they were trying to do with the new mother and daughter team - but they were pretty unlikable and just wasted so much screentime. And then, dammit, Adam! Fichtner is the only reason I even started watching this show, so that sucked.
  8. The only thing I like about Townsend is his main goon, Vandyke. He should take over.
  9. Getting rid of Mai was total BS. She didn't really have any truly bad feedback, unlike Andy. And that's about the second time Andy should have gone home but didn't.
  10. I don't care about Jill and Andy either way, as long as the annoying has-been rocker stays gone.
  11. I don't think Thea will win. She hasn't done anything impressive so far, as far as I can remember. I'm thinking Andy or Andrew. They are getting a lot of attention and talking heads.
  12. I would have picked Cody first too. I don't buy this so-called romance.
  13. I absolutely loved the episode - oh, James! And then they just had to ruin it at the end. I was expecting a dead Anne, not that!
  14. I thought for sure Declan would get a 10 on his steak and then Gordon would have to make the decision. The end result would have been the same for sure, though. Of course Marc got picked last; still no self-awareness. And Amber is still delusional. I'm hoping for Kori, even though her constant mama stuff is really annoying.
  15. All about the Fichtner, so I was quite happy. Beautiful work.
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