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  1. Of course Little Miss Perfect won; urgh. The Peanut Gallery was really annoying, especially Anne. So who was missing from the Top 10 - Lexy? And Grant Achatz was supposed to be one of the Legends, along with Lidia. So I'm assuming pandemic reasons.
  2. Very disappointed. Guess Gordon wanted a mini-me, and Megan was too boring. And, OMG, the annoying attention-hog girlfriend! She must be so exhausting to be around.
  3. I liked the guests (and watching Gordon cook), but I felt the episode was just stressful. Like, it's not supposed to be a race! I watch TV to relax! I wish for Autumn to win, but it's not bloody likely with Courtney 2.0, i.e. Kelsey. At least I hope they won't have Autumn mistaking sugar for salt or vice-versa.
  4. Has Trenton always had such a potty mouth? Every other word gets bleeped out. I don't remember who said he was trying to turn into Gordon (Kiya?), but he is taking it way over the line. And Brynn (I think?) was right when she said it was anger and not assertiveness on his part.
  5. There was that dude with the hat - Shaun? He won Season 7, I think. As for Kelsey: it looked like she had some kind of broth, but it wasn't specified. For me, it was the faces she was making. She is so used to the judges kissing her butt that she was sulking like a toddler when they didn't.
  6. This is weird, we only got the first episode where I live; the second hour was The Bachelor or whatever. Really bummed about Steve, I honestly thought he would win the whole thing. So I guess I'm rooting for Megan now.
  7. I agree. Has anyone overweight ever won HK? I don't think so.
  8. Was this the first episode filmed after they had to stop because of the pandemic? I thought most of the contestants looked different. Would also explain Autumn's sudden injury. Joseph and Anne needed to go. Alejandro and Michael are most likely next. Anyway, they should just stop pretending and give the bloody prize to annoying Kelsey already; she is clearly the Chosen One and has been since the very beginning.
  9. Abe is lucky Gordon sees himself in him. He actually said so. Anne was a mess. And Alejandro's arse-kissing, cringe. Can't stand Kelsey either, she is so full of herself. And Lexy kinda looked happy or at least relieved to be leaving; very strange.
  10. Victoria was just sorta... there. I never got the feeling that she cared that much one way or another.
  11. Gordon: I want you to have a deep conversation with your teammates. Kiya: I'm putting Josie up. Sam, Antonio & Brynn: OK. That just cracked me up. And I agree about the food waste, the goggles and the hug!
  12. Was that just a huge fake set-up? I mean, they went out of their way to get a camera shot from inside the bloody fridge! Did they just happen to conveniently have that footage after Tay forgot his butter? And Kelsey, urgh. She actually referred to Chef Waxman as Jonathan in her talking head.
  13. At first I couldn't even recall who Miles was, but then it occurred to me that I'd been calling him Baxter this whole time. Or Badger. Those lasagna bits weren't crunchy, they were burnt AF. Lexy is seriously getting a free pass.
  14. Stalker Josie strikes again! I hope she's getting paid for openly lusting after Gordon like that. I want to like Sam, but he always seems full of barely contained rage. And it looks like we're stuck with Antonio for a while. Bonus: no crying Brynn! And that Flamingo reward actually looked relaxing.
  15. It's not like Mary Jayne had a chance in hell anyway. Garlic Chocolate was creeping me out, so I won't miss him. And I'm seriously getting Courtney vibes from Kelsey.
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