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S01.E07: Things Fall Apart

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Harper and Robyn contend with priorities and conflicts; Candace and Murch discover each other's secrets; Jordan receives surprising news; Quentin rebels against new boundaries; Lance faces off with LJ; after a scare, Shelby takes on a caretaker role.

Airdate 12/22/22

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No way does cauliflower ever taste like chicken. Bleh.

Pregnant! At her age? That's the last thing Jordan needs.

Oh no he didn't! Quentin blaming his heart attack on Shelby was quite a reach. What a big baby.

Lance, no. Way to destroy your entire relationship with your child.

Um, what? Harper and Jordan had sex? Harper is a pig. And what the hell, Jordan?

Wonder if it's significant to Murch that the person he beat in the MMA match was a doughy White guy?

Gosh, poor LJ. Hope he's okay.

This show has the best (😏) soundtrack. I loved the song which played over the end credits.

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On 2/4/2023 at 6:06 PM, Legalbeagle421 said:

Lance is acting so foolish. 

I know we’re probably supposed to be team Robin but she annoys me so much, even though Harper is definitely an ass too. 

Lance is acting foolish. I am not shocked at all. Yes it is his house, and he has a right to say what his child wears and buys with his money, BUT he’s being a fucking jerk. You can be a jerk even if you technically have the right to do something. He wouldn’t have this much of an issue if Faith was non-binary. Lance doesn’t see his son as a person, just a reflection of him. 

On 2/6/2023 at 9:36 AM, Ms Blue Jay said:

Same.  Sorry, but she's the worst.

I always wondered why Robyn accepted Harper’s proposal at the end of the first Best Man. He almost cheated on her with Jordan and didn’t because Lance kicked his ass- not because he realized he loved Robyn. I always thought he proposed because he just didn’t want to be alone. 

The group was what, 25-27yrs old in 1999? (I assumed Robyn was the same age although she didn’t go to college with them) It’s not as if they had been going out forever and she thought he was her last chance at marriage before her biological clock ran out, or she didn’t want to have “wasted” a decade. 

It’s as if Harper ALWAYS wanted Jordan but was too much of a punk to tell her, Jordan I think liked Harper but wasn’t as hung up on him as he was in her. 

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