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Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist

Message added by Dani,

Please keep the discussion focused on the content of this episode, Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist

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Bob is the worst and Judy isn’t much better. If there isn’t some surprise twist justifying why he is involved none of this shit makes any sense. 

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Ava's blond wig was one of the worst I have ever seen.  All that money and she couldn't buy a wig that doesn't looked like a bleached muskox?  

Bob continues to be the worst, and Judy inexplicably continues to stay with him. She is incredibly smart and talented.  Are we supposed to think that she feels sorry for him so she stays even when it seems like he could physically hurt her at any moment?   Or is the D just that damn good? 

I hate the trope of the agent who is an addict and in a custody battle.  Then we add in getting busy with a coworker in offices that are all glass.  I will watch this to the end but it does feel like they are throwing in trope after trope to get to enough episodes. 


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More unrelentingly LOUD and obnoxious music.  I'm having to use my mute button way too much.  Now it's just automatic when Bob is onscreen flapping his gums.

I knew Ava was a rat, of course she gives in.  I did like her line about Abassi not having custody of her kid, that was a sharp cut.  I'm really hoping Leo sees through her "return" and has a backup. 

And that FBI bitch should have been canned as soon as she was busted.  Her little fan boy is about to flush his own career down the toilet, but all he wants is to get in Abassi's pants.  What an idiot.  They are simultaneous giving these Feds way too much credit and making them look like morons. 

Regardless, I'm still digging the series.  It's the freshest idea to come to the streaming sites in a while.  

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I assume Ava is a triple-crosser and that she agreed to help the Feds and then will turn on them. My thing is, once i got my nanny back, I would send her somewhere safe from ICE and then just lie to the Feds. They already have her, so she can feed them false information.

Bob is terrible. I don't get why Stan wants Judy. She obviously has dubious taste in men. Not worth it. Also, does Stan remind anyone of Jack Quaid (Boys)?

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