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S22.E15: The Knockouts Part 3

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The all-new three-way knockouts conclude as the coaches group three of their artists to perform individually against each other, then select a winner to move on to the live playoffs; each coach has only one steal available.

Airs Monday, November 7 at 8:00pm eastern on NBC

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I really hate what the Voice has become, although I still watch as a non-singer. Aside from the blinds, It used to be getting to know contestants over a longer period, watching them thrive with mentorship, and occasionally being moved by a song through their unique cover. Part of the fun was seeing how the singers did on iTunes after their performances, and voting after listening to replays. Weirdly, I was more likely to watch live when the voting period was longer than a commercial break. Now it's turned into a pure singoff of contestants I barely remember from week to week. They even dispensed with the big name mentor this season, and having a three-way knockout is a joke. Sasha (John's steal) was incredible, but I don't remember her from before.

A big surprise is how much I've come to like Camila as a coach. When she led Andrew (name?) on a silly run around the practice space, it really demonstrated how fully invested she is in helping her singers. And the way she shows her appreciation of a performance that moves her, regardless of whether the singer is on her team increases my enjoyment too. Weird that I wasn't really a Camila fan before, but now I'm hoping she stays as a coach.

Other performances from last night--I'm not moved by Kim, but it seemed almost a given that she was going to take that round. 

Justin got a standing O, deservedly (especially with Camila's reaction), but I also would have loved to see the woman who rocked the Bonnie Raitt song go further -- Cara Brindisi. Special thanks to Kayla, all these years I never knew that "Losing My Religion" was a southern expression that didn't necessarily have to do with spirituality. But she didn't have a chance next to Cara and Justin.

Brayden was a surprise, but superficially, he also looked most marketable (magazine cover/poster-ready) of the three, which I'm sure crossed Blake's mind.

Devix was an ok pick, helped by the package about his sick mom. But I don't see him going far compared to the other ones moving on. Andrew apparently didn't get over his nerves, unfortunately, and Michael Bolton 2.0 seemed to be on 11. 

Gwen's surprise pick got points for doing a Queen cover, but I didn't think she delivered on it. I was distracted by what she was wearing and the background vocals, when I should have been blown away by the performance. It felt like a high school variety show, and Daysia didn't help change that. John's comment that some of the choices Alyssa made were "very Gwen" helped explain why she was chosen, leaving Sasha open to be swooped up by John.

I'll probably look up Sasha's past performances, and maybe the Bonnie Raitt cover, but there weren't many others that I want to do a relisten from last night.

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I thought all the ones that won the battles were deserving. Brayden and Justin were great. 

Chasing Cars always makes me think of Grey's Anatomy. They all on John's team did good. Emma surprised me with how well she was. She would have been a great steal, Blake is right.

 Gwen's choice was bad. Good for John for stealing.

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