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S03.E02: Sittin' on a Rainbow

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While Cassie and James lead the charge to find Walker, the situation goes from bad to worse when Liam also goes missing. Meanwhile, Stella and August pursue a lead of their own.

Airdate: 10/13/2022

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8 hours ago, funandfitpt said:

I love that they brought Colin Ford on to play young Cordi.

That's who that was! Good catch. Nice to see him again. I thought it was a good episode as well. Looking forward to seeing the aftermath next week. 

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Good episode except for Stella. Good god, what an idiot. You take the info from the tipster and only pay out a reward if the details turn out to be valid and give positive results. After the fact. You don't pay for the info up front. 

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I feel so bad that I didn't realize that was Colin Ford playing young Cordell.  He still looks like a young Jared.

And someone please do something to make Stella a more tolerable character.  Her idiocy, let alone the very questionable decision by the captain to let her answer the tipline (seriously, how would that happen?), who would leave a family member unattended to "help out" on a case?  And when she up an left to pursue said "tip" James didn't even check on what happened to her?

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I was ok with this episode until the part where Cordy and Liam who were weakened due to a lack of food, water, sleep and who had been tortured to boot overcame three healthy, strong guys. I don't expect realism but give me something more believable. Also, after all they had been through, didn't anyone think that they may need medical attention? I liked how Cassie basically solved the case; she really does have Walker's back. I had suspected that Cassie's brother was somehow involved with the kidnapping (basically that he was the one providing information to the kidnappers) and I'm glad to see that he doesn't seem to be involved (st least for the time being).

I wonder what Cordy will say when he finds out that Stella gave away her mother's car; probably nothing, she's never reprimanded for all the stupid stuff she does.

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