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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if he did serve human body parts; the raw meat we saw in his kitchen didn't look like goat.
  2. Maybe she has a good ear for languages? I have a friend who has never lived outside Greece and who speaks English with an American (southern) accent.
  3. You need to weigh less than 450lbs, have a BMI greater than 40 or a BMI between 35 and 40 along with an obesity related medical condition.
  4. christie


    "Serial enterpreur"? Is that like a serial killer?
  5. It's supposed to be summer, during a heat wave, why is Iggy wearing a jacket and tie?
  6. I think Raf mentioned that he lives in New York; I definitely got the impression that he no longer lives in Poland.
  7. I loved Gary's clothes and video; the hand drawing was so cool, basically everything about that video was excellent. This contest is Gary's to lose; he's so far ahead of everyone else. I much preferred NY Andrea's shorter coat but, then again, I'm not fond of these "bathrobe" coats and I am so sick and tired of the transparent trousers; enough already! I was sad to see Raf go; he seems like a nice guy, so what if I didn't like his clothes? Sometimes you just want to see nice people. I can't believe Columbian Andrea is in the top three. Every time I see her clothes I morph into N
  8. I'm surprised they gave Joshua the boot - it's not that I liked his designs, it's just that I think they were better than Columbian Andrea's; whilst the frill on his coat did remind me of fish fins, I agree that the coat without the frill would have been nice. I liked both of Gary's looks and NY Andrea's runway look. Everything else, I thought was boring. I was surprised that everyone, except for NY Andrea, did coats or jackets.
  9. christie


    17/22 Didn't know there was a web series or books. Also didn't know which network Monk was aired on since I don't live in America and I totally guessed which tv show Tony Shalhoub was on before 🤷‍♀️ So, overall I think "not bad."
  10. Watching this I just kept on thinking "why aren't the police questioning Kristen?"
  11. I came across season 10 episode 12 (the one with the king crabs) and Joe tells Renee to take the pasta dough out of the garbage and use it (sure she said it was on top and "clean" but IT WAS STILL IN THE GARBAGE CAN). If Joe can do this on tv where millions of people are watching, God knows what he does in his restaurant when no one's watching. No way would I ever go to his restaurant after seeing that and that Joe is how you lose potential customers in the blink of an eye.
  12. I keep reading posts that Murphy's parents should adopt Chloe; Chloe has a grandmother (I can't remember if we've seen her but Dean has definitely said to Chloe that her grandmother was gonna come and look after her whilst he was at work.
  13. Just watched the end of season one. I knew it. I knew Dean was shady.
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