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S02.E07: Yaaas Gaga

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It's tricky. Overall CLF has been way better, but this episode? Not so much. So if you stay or go not based on track record but on just today's performance, I think the outcome was right. I was surprised Poppy was in the bottom this time, but yeah, it's Poppy's to lose.

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I was surprised to see Poppy in the bottom as well, but aside from her opening volley with Ru, her Snatch Game didn’t really land.  I am going to be upset if anyone but Poppy wins this at this point, since AJ has been the most consistently good all season long.

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I would rate the Snatch game performances in this order, from best to not so great:  Thirsty (Bravo!  very funny, great props and good impersonation), Chic (had  some good moments), Chakra (funny, but did not channel Eartha Kitt, voice was not there.  Ru was even trying to give her a hint), Poppy (not funny, not Bowie-like).  I think Poppy's Snatch Game performance was what landed him in the bottom.  AJ's the only one who doesn't act, so he may have had a disadvantage in comparison to the others.  I think Thirsty's win was well deserved.

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I think Thirsty had a talking head mentioning never winning a round yet, so I'm not surprised she got the win this time. 

Chakra put on a great performance and I'm pretty sure Ru isn't going to knock out the last cis-female in the competition at this stage, so getting second was pretty much a given.

By elimination that left Chic and Poppy in the bottom two, and Poppy's pretty much got this in the bag, so it was Chic's time to go. Really it was going to be Chic vs either Poppy or Chakra, and it could have been either; but Chic was always going home.

Really, given how much the show likes to do Face off against Face off to a final Face Off, I'm surprised Ru didn't do a non-Elim so we'd have 4 queens in the final and could do 3 Lip Syncs for the Crown to wrap things up. 

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