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S01.E02: Encoding

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Reece locks onto his first potential target, enlisting Ben's help. With his mental health in question, Katie and Reece strike up an uneasy but mutually beneficial partnership to find answers.

Original Airdate: July 1, 2022 

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Well that was boring. Pratt is good in more comedic roles but he’s not good in this kind of role and it’s unfortunate the entire show is one his shoulders. 

Kitsch is much better but since we’re a quarter of the way through and Ben is the only person close to Reece who isn’t dead he’s probably the bad guy. I hope I’m wrong since it doesn’t make sense if they actually want Reece dead but this feels like an huge betrayal final twist kind of show. 

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On 7/4/2022 at 2:44 PM, Sweet-tea said:

I like Taylor Kitsch in this. Wish he had the lead role. 

That’s what got me watching in the first place. I love Taylor Kitsch and agree he would have fit the role better. 

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I really enjoyed "Reacher" but this show is falling flat for me.  Granted, that one had more humor in it.

In this one. our protagonist just buried his murdered wife and child and they sit around reminiscing like they're on vacation or something.   Chris Pratt just seems so..flat in this role.  I get that he's trying for stoic but it's not working.   Why should I care about the family, we barely knew them.  I was convinced at first that the whole MRI sequence was part of his mental confusion.

The confusion and possible gaslighting stuff is interesting and I like pushy, nosy reporters trying to do the right thing, so I like Constance Wu's character.   I may keep watching to see what she does, but haven't decided yet.

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