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The Cheers Alphabet Game


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E is for Ernie Pantusso, the Coach.


Coach: [to everyone in the bar] Is there an Ernie Pantusso here?

Sam: That's you,

Coach. Coach: [to the person on the phone] Speaking.


I miss Coach.

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Hmmmm.... Pantusso and Peterson were already noted under their first names, so...


P is for Paul, a stalwart of the bar.  He knows all the lyrics to the Bonanza theme song!

J is for Jilted, which is what Diane did to Frasier, leaving him at the altar.


And also what Sumner did to Diane, which is why she ended up working at Cheers to begin with!

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Ok, I had to search for this one ... don't shoot me:


Sam Malone: Hey, what's with this English Accent? Ever since he walked in here, you've been talking like the Queen was your Aunt Betty or something.
Diane: Oh, tosh! What twaddle.

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W is for all the Weddings that did or didn't happen on Cheers!


  • Ep. 1-20:  Sam and Diane, nope
  • Ep. 3-25:  Diane and Frasier, nope
  • Ep. 5-26:  Sam and Diane, nope again
  • Ep. 6-4:  Carla and Eddie, yep -- but look how THAT turned out
  • Ep. 10-25:  Woody and Kelly, yep -- and I like to think that one's a keeper


Any that I missed?  Send me a PM and I'll edit the list to add them!  (If I'm not mistaken, we didn't actually see Frasier and Lilith's wedding on-screen, did we?)

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X is for the X-ray that gave Norm a health scare in one episode. There was a spot on it, but it turned out to be a flaw. (I love when he comes into the bar in a complete daze, and instead of everyone doing their big "NORM!" they look at him and collectively go… "Norm?")

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