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S02.E18: Poker Game, $800 Buy-In

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Tom and Sarah crash a poker night that Connor is hosting for some rich and famous friends. Meanwhile, when Camila mentions she thinks there is a ghost in the house, Marina and Denise clash over their very different beliefs.

Original airdate: 4/6/22

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I don't believe in ghosts either, but I think it's really fucked up that if a child tells her mother she hears sounds at night, the mother just gaslights the daughter and tells her that she's crazy.  What the fuck kind of parenting is that?  There was obviously something making the sound.  It was really obvious that it was going to be something real.  I don't know, I get that it's supposed to be "humour" but it's such a weird default position to take with your child "You're making this up/ you're crazy".  Also, how would you not want to know what is making noise in your own house?!  Just insane behaviour.

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It was interesting seeing Marina disagree with Denise, since they're usually so in sync as the Normals. Yet after the adventure was over and they found out the crawlspace was actually a full attic, they both said "Bonus room!"

I liked the poker game, and Mark Cuban wasn't as annoying as I thought he'd be. When they asked why he didn't go to space, Cuban said, "I have a life." Spagos apparently divorced his wife real fast and is still in love with Sarah.

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I am surprised with myself that I liked the poker game plot more than I liked the 'Danina' (or is it 'Marise') plot. 

Mainly because it did not go the way I thought it would.  I was sure Sarah and Tom would just be awkward and cringey, and it started out that way but the way the plot turned around was really fun. Also great to see Stags again and his h'ors  drawers idea. 

Meanwhile the 'Ghost' plot went about how I guessed it would.  Of course it was gonna be a real problem.  But I did like Denise's approach way more than Marina's.  Also loved the name check of Moesha.  Hoping that Camilla would now want to watch it.

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I called the ghost being a rat as soon as it started (mainly because my parents went through a similar horror with just a single rat just after the pandemic started). So the bats (and then the rats) was fun. 

I like Mark Cuban (Dallas resident and he does more for the masses than many of the other billionaires do like his new pharmacy project). So I was happy to see him featured and not be an ass. I also like Tom/Topher so I can relate to Mark’s fascination with him and his profession. 

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