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S01.E07: I Am Not A Used Car Salesman

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Zumbado: While we're running for our lives here at STAR Lab, I might as well tell you that I'm from Earth-29 like you.

Naomi: Are you going to tell me . . . everything?

Zumbado: Not quite . . . but I'm going to use my own vaguely-defined abilities to give you the full immersion flashbacks.

(Meanwhile . . . )

Annabelle: So.

Dee: So.

Annabelle: Nice night for finding Naomi.

Dee: *sighing*

Annabelle: Say-

Dee: No, just because I have wings does not mean I fly around and use cars as toilets.

Annabelle: Ohmygawd! Are you psychic?!?

Dee: No, I just imagined a question I thought you'd ask me.

Annabelle: (looks sad)

Dee: I apologize. I can see why Naomi has you as a friend.

Annabelle: Everyone is Naomi's friend.

Dee: Then I can see why you're her best friend.

Annabelle: Awwwww.

Dee: (thinking to self) Note to self . . . find Zumbado, punch him in the face just for living.

Earth-29 = DC Comics' X-Men/Inhumans Earth?

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I was watching distracted, so not much commentary;

Glad we got more info/backstory, but they're still being vague about so many things.

Dee and Annabelle make a surprisingly hilarious pair.

Had some more action in this episode, so that was cool.

Naomi's parents might actually be the weirdest characters on this show??

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For what was suppose to be an intense, almost perilous situation, Naomi and Zumbado still found plenty of time to take breaks and get some flashback time in, I see.  But at least we find out a few things: like the 29 stands for the group from this other Earth that got powers thanks to those mysterious astroids.  And Naomi's birth parents were part of this group.  Oh, and there is some kind of Brutus fellow that really, really wants her dead.  Uh oh!

Unless they are going to bring in another character soon, I have to imagine it will be Akira who ended up selling out the 29 and pinned it on Zumbado for whatever reason.

Dee and Annabelle ended up being a duo I never would have predicted I'd see, but one I really want more of in the future.

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