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S02.E14: Salsa Competition Entry Fee, $45

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The episode was fine and all but what a cliched storyline!   Is it a requirement that every sitcom has to have a plot about somebody who needs to learn how to dance before a big competition (or a big party, or a big date), and someone in their life happens to know how and has to teach them?

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See a loopy Tom reveal all

Too bad the salsa competition didn't allow same sex couples (I presume) as Marina should have just danced with Lupe instead of dragging Connor into it because you know she wanted to. In the end, it was barely competent, but fun


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I liked the loopy Tom reveal.  It was already established he couldn't keep a secret to save his life.  Add in some heavy drugs and it was a no brainer.  So good continuity, imo.

Nice of them to focus on Lupe and give her some good story.  But yeah after the utter hilarity of the Valentine's day episode this was a bit of a let down.  Not bad but not funny.  I did like the Marina Gretchen partnership tho, that was cute.  It is also as if someone on the show realized that Karla Suiza knew something about salsa and decided to write a show around that.

Shallow note: Connor's got a nice ass in that body con salsa outfit.

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I liked the dance plot.  I’ve been hoping the actress, Lidia Porto, would get more to do on the show.  I thought this was a nice way for her and Connor to bond a little bit.  Marina was funny too, with her cutoffs and legwarmers.  
I was also glad Sara and Denise slowed down on the pregnancy idea, to spend more time planning for that.  

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They live in San Francisco, so having Marina dance with Lupe surely would have been acceptable.  I would have preferred that to be the plan, after spending hours trying to train Connor, only to decide to do it herself.  At the last minute, Marina has to bail, due to a twisted ankle or something.  Then Connor and Lupe have their bonding moment.  

Not the best episode. Then again, any episode with JoJo off-screen is appreciated.

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