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S01.E05: The Miseducation of the Negro

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Angela asks Tyrique for a favor and meets with Teddy, who takes the first steps into welcoming her into the family. Angela also tries to get Nikki accepted into the Oak Bluffs Cotillion, Raymond confides in Olivia and the Nikki-Taylor-Lauren triangle heats up. Then, Leah is shocked by Lauren's behavior and Teddy's condition worsens.

Airdate: Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021

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Well now I'm really curious if they can keep up having a party every episode for the whole season.

So now that Angela and Leah are somewhat getting along better, *of course* things blow up between their daughters. I'm mostly ignoring the teens though.

With the amount of times they've mentioned Teddy raising Tyrique "like a son", if this show lasts long enough, I could totally see them actually making him his son. (Angela sleeping with her half-brother? Yes, I think they'd go there.)

Rolling my eyes at TV Parkinsons. And now Teddy is responsible for a crack epidemic?

There are too many things going on with too many characters. I think one of the things this show is lacking is a strong, compelling central storyline.


Fabulous dresses as usual.

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LOVED the dress Angela wore to the dinner, her dress/shoes and especially hair were on point!  Angela's hair is always the bomb.  I like the hair on the girl that Lauren/Nikki likes as well.

Loved Leah's dress at the Cotillion.  I find myself staring at Nadine Ellis throughout the show, she's so beautiful.

As much as I flove the legendary Debbi Morgan, I wish Jasmine Guy would have gotten her role.

Still feels like they are trying to shove every plotline in a hour but I'll keep watching.

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I liked that they had Angela with her hair wrapped in bed with Tyrique.

Sure hope Raymond is using a burner phone to send those texts about digging up dirt on his FIL. I imagine Teddy has him under close watch technology-wise.

Lauren's Cher hair. No. Just no.

Cotillion week. Cotillion summer. What, no cotillion year? 🙄

So Lauren was named after Lauryn Hill. Oh well, at least it wasn't Erykah Badu. 😉

Didn't Leah go to Spelman? Seems to me like Nikki could get a legacy admission if Leah was willing to recommend her.

Taylor is a stone player. She bounces between both cousins right in front of them with no  shame at all.

Aw, Angela. Tyrique is a good guy. At least he saw the error of his ways and tried to protect you from Teddy's spying.

Oy, unfortunate timing on the gun club thing. But I like Raymond's mother. Olivia literally will take no prisoners.

Not a fan of Nikki's cotillion gown. Too Cinderella-ish IMO.

A straight razor. Seriously, Tyrique? Nothing about Angela reads stereotypically "ratchet" to me.

Meh, not so much a fan of Olivia's after her reaction to learning Lauren is gay. But at least she didn't start spouting cherry-picked Bible verses.

They found a way to put an African spin on the cotillion. Okay,  but I think the capes the girls were wearing made them look like Little Red Riding Hood's darker sister who joined the Crips instead of the Bloods. 🤠

Nah, Taylor, you don't get to climb on your high horse when you deliberately came between Nikki and Lauren. You are shady and neither girl should be putting up with your mess.

Yes, I too loved the red dress Angela wore to Teddy's dinner. Great color for her

I recently learned that the actress playing Lauren is almost 30. Now I can't unsee it.

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On 10/25/2021 at 9:02 PM, Joimiaroxeu said:

Didn't Leah go to Spelman? Seems to me like Nikki could get a legacy admission if Leah was willing to recommend her.

Spelman doesn’t do legacy admission.

If your parent teaches at Spelman you can attend for free but you still have to earn your spot.

I am enjoying this show more now. The characters are getting to breathe more and the storyline beats are landing better. Glad I stuck with it. 

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