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S02.E07: The Queen's Speech

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I love Alfre Woodard and was totally delighted to see her get a surprise romance storyline with Toad (who I also enjoy as a side character) — go Paris!  Too bad they were so rudely interrupted but Paris apparently expected something which is why they camped there.  Hope Toad doesn’t get killed now.

I was also surprised to see Lord Harlan speared through the torso, and like him too.  I presume he will recover, I hope they don’t abruptly wrap his character up like Jerlamerel.  

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On 10/9/2021 at 4:08 PM, lawless said:

I presume he will recover, I hope they don’t abruptly wrap his character up like Jerlamerel.  

I hope so too. He’s one of the better characters. A bit of levity amongst all the misery. 😄 I like Toad’s dry humour as well.


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Me too - his humor is one of his most likable qualities, plus I like his voice.  Hope he sticks around.

I like Harlan also because he brings some humor and levity — the show doesn’t have quite as much beautiful scenery this season (more urban decay), so I’m glad there’s some added humor to lighten things up a bit.

I like Charlotte too.

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Toad and Charlotte are my favorite new characters, and Harlan is a nice foil to Baba Voss. I suspect eventually Harlan will become the big bad guy but for know his snarkiness is great. 

Also, Paris & Toad would be an awesome couple. I hope it works out for them. 

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