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  1. I’m glad someone else watched the show and enjoyed it too. I had to binge it on my phone, which is too bad because the scenery truly was gorgeous and I wish I had seen it on a bigger screen. I think the cast really put their heart into it and tried to make the show really fly. I have to concede that the writing and believability of the show was not always what I hoped, but I enjoyed it anyway. I liked that Jerlamerel turned out to be a false prophet, and his fight scene with Jason Momoa was crazy. I am not sure how I feel about Momoa having blinded him, I did not see that coming. Interesting
  2. lawless

    S01.E05: Plastic

    Well, it sure is quiet around here, but I wanted to chime in to say, flaws and all, I enjoy this show. The cinematography is beautiful, and I’m enjoying Momoa and his man bun. Gotta admit I mostly ignored Maghra as a character, and I was surprised at the reveal this ep. I picked up on the obvious clues before the reveal, but not until this episode. Then looking back I now see the groundwork. So, flawed show for sure, but I’m into it and want more. i also like that Kofun is mature and loyal to his family, and treats his blind family and tribe as equals— he’s a nice young man. More s
  3. Oh my god — ridiculous, ridiculous!! But I’ll take it — the Walking Dead world probably doesn’t work for me without Rick Grimes in it somewhere. Even if I don’t see him. Thank god he was a “B”.
  4. I appreciate that you said this. I have come across articles written by Mr. Nawaz on the Daily Beast from time to time and am somewhat familiar with him, and while I don't always agree with him, nothing that I read came across as hate speech or anti-Muslim. He has an interesting life story and perspective. The interview was a little choppy with Bill's efforts to interject and make the occasional joke, but I got the gist of what he was saying and I think you summarized it pretty well. Basically, he is a British citizen of south Asian descent who grew up in London. He experienced anti-Musli
  5. The stuff with red and 5k was confusing -- I think Sun Mei did not see them, and she looked at him strangely when he was talking to them and saying d we don't have time for this -- I think she meant his delusions. I ended up thInking they aren't real! I hope I'm wrong, but that was my interpretation. On a more shallow note, Warren looked gorgeous in that coat. Seemed like they are laying the groundwork for a rebellion of Murphy's acolytes once they realize he wants to eat their brains. It's Murohy's secret for now, but what happens when they find out about Helen?
  6. Is the actress who plays Addie pregnant? It seems like her outfit is maybe designed to hide her midsection in lots of ruffles, she seems like she fights less than usual, it seems like the camera focuses less on her whole body than before, and that might explain the plot line of having her have a mysterious dental problem a couple eps ago -- in case she was feeling too sick for major fight scenes. Just speculation on my part, but I wonder.
  7. To this, I just wanted to add that Ramsey sent those same dogs after Sansa and Theon when they escaped in the hopes that those dogs would tear her and Theon apart, and Theon mentioned having seen what they could do, and that drowning in an ice cold stream was "better." Myranda also gloatingly told Sansa about the way that Ramsey had treated various other young women, including one of his lovers whom he made pregnant (very boring, she said) - I don't remember if she specifically mentioned the dogs, but the message was clear. So Sansa's actions weren't just about vengeance for herself, in all
  8. To clarify, I know that she contacted Littlefinger before -- she would have to do so if there would be any chance that the Vale army could be in a position to help them by the time of the battle. But we don't know what she said and what their arrangement was -- I was thinking that she might have told Littlefinger to have the Vale army in position and ready to intervene, but to stand down if it looked like Jon's army could succeed. To minimize the debt owed to Littlefinger and the Vale, to the extent possible. I assume the men of the Vale would be just as happy not to have to risk their neck
  9. I think his primary purpose is to vouch for Yara, for what that's worth to other people. Also, he had actually met Tyrion, maybe that helped get them an audience with Dany? While Tyrion's grudge against Theon seemed unfair and petty given all we've seen Theon go through, I had to remind myself that Tyrion knows nothing about it, and may not realize Theon's imprisonment with the Boltons was nearly so bad as it was. Theon was quite an arrogant prick back in the day, it's amazing how much has changed. Which Tyrion wouldn't know about of course, so it was a nice opportunity to remind us of the
  10. Missed chunks of the episode because I couldn't help but switch back and forth between this show and the rerun of Game of Thrones, but I did see the Deacon true confessions attempt with Cassie and I was amazed at how bad I felt for Deacon of all people. I loved the twist that he had a crush on her from when he was a kid and she was some type of TV celebrity doctor/hero. I wished she'd at least given him a hug or something -- both 'cause I felt bad for him, but also it seems smarter to keep on Deacon's good side, all things considered. He's become oddly lovable, but also remains terr
  11. I was blown away by this episode, even as I recognized there were some story and character flaws -- but the direction and filming of the battle scenes was just incredible, so flaws and all, I just loved it. Watched it again after reading all these posts and had some thoughts: Secretive Sansa: She was obviously deeply worried about their situation and frustrated that Jon seemed resolutely committed to attacking with only about half the troops that Ramsey had and with no understanding of Ramsey's skills at psychological warfare, but she admitted herself that she was not able to offer other
  12. Michonne and Rick were very thrilling unexpected surprise – but now I am very scared for Michonne!
  13. lawless

    S06.E02: JSS

    I loved that Carol sized the Wolves up so quickly, realized that they didn't have guns, and also realized how important it was to protect the armory. And disguised herself so well so fast. Like Walter White from Breaking Bad, I am fascinated with characters who make their way so effectively in violent situations by using their heads instead of relying more on physicality. Regarding Morgan - clearly something transformative happened to him since we last saw him. I don't perceive him as weak or cowardly in any way. He's brave, intelligent, skilled, willing to endanger himself for others, pe
  14. Rollo wears a bear skin cloak, and I think he's supposed to represent berserker -- and he'll be at the ceremony. I think he's the bear. Not sure if the princess is literally a princess though.
  15. Wow, I did not see King Ecbert's betrayal coming. I really thought his son went rogue. Remember how much Ecbert tried to convince Athelstan and Lagertha to stay in Wessex? When I think back on that I am chilled, because now I think he was actually planning to use Lagertha as a hostage as leverage against Ragnar, and possibly Athelstan as well though I think he probably had a much nastier fate in store for him. Ecbert knows about Judith's infidelity (which is treason for her) and though at first he seemed strangely tolerant of it, I wonder if he was encouraging it to compromise her to gain s
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