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S01.E01: Pilot

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I know the show's synopsys makes us think that one of the four killed Simon, but could it be someone else? I thought it was suspicious that Simon's friend asked if he suffered. Why would she ask that? Because she killed him but wanted to make sure that he didn't suffer?

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6 hours ago, paulvdb said:

I know the show's synopsys makes us think that one of the four killed Simon, but could it be someone else?

I was thinking maybe Braunwyn's (sp?) sister. She just seems there for no reason and I figured she'd be someone who could have known Braunwyn put Simon's laptop in her car.

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Cannot believe how excited I was for this to finally drop and how disappointed I was that I had to go to work before I could catch the first episode.

It has been about 2 years since I read the source material so my memory could be wrong, but I was surprised with how quickly they revealed the secrets of 3 of the 4 main characters. I felt the book kept us guessing for a little bit longer than this show - especially with Coop's secret - so I was surprised that they just decided to clue in the audience from the get go instead of letting us guess and learn as the characters do.

I still think the casting is wrong from an age point of view, they all look like people almost gruadating from University not High School. Even Bronwyn's sister, Maeve, looks super old for her character. That's probably my main issue is that they look too old and it pulls you out of the story.

I will say that they depicted Nate's home exactly how I pictured it when reading the book so that gives them a couple of extra points.

I think I had built up an unrealistic expectation for the show, so overall was a bit disappointed but I will keep watching. AND it's nice to watch a teen drama that isn't focused on sex scenes. Also realised that outside of the main 4, Simon and Maeve I cannot recall a single other character from the book, even to the point I can't recall Coop hanging out with Addy in the book. Almost tempted to do a re-read after the series concludes.

I am glad they've dropping 3 episodes at a time, get to mini binge while always stretching out the series watch.

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