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S01.E10: From Simple Sources

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I enjoyed this episode quite a lot it had strong moments for the characters:

  • Sarah was grating on my nerves with her attitude towards her father. I get it he was a deadbeat dad and caused her a lot of pain. But he wants to make amends: Let him. Instead of constantly whining and pushing him away. Nice moment of growth for her when she finally let him in. But I think CRP 360 is gonna be a problem once Weston tells her what he figured out. 
  • Speaking of Weston: GO AWAY. I did like his moment with Maya, however. 
  • Danny grows up by letting Corinne go but he also fracks up his marriage by having that cheating convo in HER home where her husband can show up at any minute: hello! then Adam ends up hearing everything: sigh. I did like how Danny came up with a way to save Greylock. A place he hates but wanted to save because he sees how much it means to his sister. I love Danny and Sarah as siblings.
  • Grover getting therapy! yes! It's important to show mental health and I think TRoS is doing it well. Also great that he realizes he can be a caretaker out of crises and decides to adopt a dog. 

It's also important to show people about Climate Change and how much it's affecting our planet for the worst. Good at TRoS for broaching that subject.

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Sigh.  Sarah needs Paul's help with the floods, Paul helps and saves most of the town from flooding. Sarah gets mad that Paul didn't consult her before flooding the glen, Paul says he tried to call her but she didn't pick up. "You should have sent someone for me!!!" Sarah shouts.  Unreasonable much??

Did they really have to steal the construction equipment?  Seems like the mining company may have loaned the equipment during a disaster like this to garner some good publicity.

Uh, I'm not sure about the logistics of digging a trench in ground that is thawing on the top layer but still frozen underneath.  Seems like it could be a muddy mess, equipment would get stuck and buried, etc.

Glad that Grover adopted the sweet pupper.

I was waiting for Adam to come through the door and hear Danny and Corinne.  Didn't even think about him hiding in that closet area, gah!    

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I really don't know why I keep watching when I only like two characters on this show: Bella and Grover.

Sarah continues to be the worst. Obviously she has a lot of issues trusting her father, but yelling at him because she didn't pick up her phone to tell her about the flooding needing to be redirected? Fine, she apologized in the end and explained why she was upset, but she's on real thin ice as a person, especially when she's dating the journalist who is 100% going to screw her and her father over now that he knows who her father is. 

Danny and Corrine are both stupid for having that affair conversation in her home, but also equally stupid for thinking that they can move on and pretend their confessions of love (maybe not to each other but to other people) will help. Of COURSE Danny found Corrine when she was in trouble. OF COURSE he's trying to leave town because he can't bear seeing her with Adam. 

I should have predicted Adam being in the cupboard after the opening scene, but they really got me good when he burst out all angry. Good; at least Adam knows and can move on. Now, can Sarah GET TO TELLING DANNY AND CORRINE THAT JOSH IS DANNY'S KID? I know it's going to happen. Can we not delay this to episode 13, please? Can it happen next episode? 

Grover's therapy session and adopting the puppy were the best parts of the episode. 


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I like the therapist being clear that a crisis based joy is a risky business. I thought he was going to go into a job in emergency services-- ambulance driver, firefighter, ER nurse-- or maybe start working at the place that takes care of AJ's dad, for the nurturer element. But a puppy is a cuter direction, and I'm okay with that, too.

I honestly don't know why Sarah is supposed to be interested in her father's "desire to make amends." He only got interested when he realized he could possibly get asylum in Greylock. I don't put much stock in "genetic parentage makes you special" and "consequences for decades of behavior are erased by a self-serving whim of remorse". 

Corinne and Danny are both dumbasses. 

Bella and her boyfriend are the most mature and smartest people on the show, but even her story this week, which started out okay, turned into tropey bullshit by the end.

I do give them credit for raising issues related to climate crisis and politics but the quick resolutions are not really doing much to make any of it seem actually serious.

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