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  1. Sad to see this show go. I wasn't a fan of Sarah after she lied about Josh's paternity results but I liked all the other characters. This show deserved more audience but then again I'm not sure the cw was the right choice for The Republic of Sarah. I can see why it didn't attract the younger audience. The main character was way her teen years & wasn't a superhero either. She wasn't a very rootable character but I liked her strenght and Stella Baker is a fine actress. Plus, the drama may have been too much for the teens who watch the CW. Sure we got silly dramatic shows aplenty on the CW bu
  2. What an episode. I finally understood how Jones is controlling Max. They probably explained it earlier but I finally got that he's in his body. I originally thought that they switched places but no. Jones took over his body. I had a feeling that Jones was shady. His "goodness" made me uneasy. But I never expected him to be Michael's father or the Dictator. That shocked me. LOL at Jones not caring about killing his own son though. does that make Max his biological father too since he's a clone? This subject is so confusing have something like this on Superman & Lois too. Jones is smart
  3. I'm gonna miss Mick and John Constantine. It's sad that Sara is the last OG legend they are all gone now 😒. Beautiful how Mick wants to be a good father now. He's one of the characters that has grown the most during his time on LOT & that's why I'm gonna miss him. When he tol his alien baby he loved it, I go teary lol. And who knew he would end up with Kyla? LOL. Well I guess he needs love too. As for John, it's also sad to see him go but at least it looks like his death was undone. Yeah he's stuck in Hell but he's alive, that's better than being dead & a mushroom. At least we di
  4. Good episode albeit a bit slow. So the leader of Deep Sky is actually a Valenti 😲. Kyle's uncle in fact. Careful Alex! Don't want to be hurt. He's so smart. Love how his brain works and how he figured out the secret of Valenti. Liking Rosa's new powers though it reminded me of Clark/Superman LOL. That's how his super hearing works. Interesting how "Maria's" mind was trying to keep Isobel out but still trying to give her and Rosa a clue of what really was going on. When did Jones take over Max????? Was it when he healed him? The twist at the end was done well. Didn't expect that not t
  5. Excellent episode! wow the amount of emotions it delivered 😒. LOT writers still have it in them to give us serious episodes like this one. Loved the focus on Esperanza, she was adorable as a child. Spooner instantly knowing who her mother was without remembering her was touching. So now we know that it wasn't exactly that aliens abducted Spooner but she was actually taken to be protected. The alien life force wasn't actually evil but a force of good. Nice twist the writers had there. Esperanza's mother's death in the original timeline infuriated me. Man, what greed can do. I'm glad Spoo
  6. She did ☺️. She called him Kal-El though. I’m guessing because that’s how Zor-El knows him.
  7. Welcome back indeed! Long wait is over! Loved Kara's scenes with ZorEl. That scene where they are flying up to catch the falling debris and being heroes together was πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ. I hated that he left at the end, understandable since he realized that his need to saving the Earth wasn't really about the Earth but Krypton. It was about his failings more than being Earth's savior. Therefore Oscar(AI) failed at cleaning the Ocean at first. The CGI honestly didn't bother me the trash monster wasn't that bad. *I kinda want Clark to meet ZorEl since he's lost JorEl completely now, ZorEl can be
  8. I hate what Sarah did. I for the most part like her character but her trying to play God with people's lives isn't right. I get that she was trying to protect Corinne. Yet, she made it worse for everyone by lying, The truth is gonna come out & the fall out is gonna be ten times worse. Danny and Corinne made this mess, Adam and Josh are caught in the middle, Sarah's lies will implode all of their lives even more. SIGH. IA about Aam he's the lesser of the evils in this case and he's the one who will be hurt the most. First by Corinne cheating then by finding out Josh isn't his.
  9. Very good episode. Drastic change in tone from last week's episode to this one tbh. Actually, drastic change of tone from the first 30 mins to the last 30 mins to be exact. Don't know how many times I burst out laughing. Then it got serious at the end. It was fun meeting Thunderbolt 😍. Great work on the CGI. Poor Mike I can't help feeling for that kid so much. He's what 14/15? and he's alreay experienced so much loneliness in his life. Pat is a neglectful father, the way he ignores his own son is horrible. People can say he's being an over protective father by keeping Mike outside of the
  10. One thing I like about this show is how it focuses on the characters. Sarah, Danny, Corinne, Grover etc are so real. All of them have some serious issues and I feel like the writers showcase these issues well and in a realistic manner. The actors are outstaning too. Danny's breakdown after his mother apologized to him for the abuse was heartbreaking. Kudos to Luke what a great job he did. His scars are too deep, understandably a meezly apology was gonna bring all his pain back up again. Realistic to abuse victims. Can't believe his mom thought saying sorry to him would help. Coming from h
  11. Liking how Maria has more of a character now that she's away from the dreaded triangle. She's obviously going to hook up with Gregory at one point or another as the show seems to be implying that heavily. But like I said for now I like how she's her own identity and a major part to play in the story line. Can't figure Jones out. What is his deal? He cares about Max even as far as to kill Zeke to save Max. And apparently he healed Max Liz and Kyle without wanting something in return. Still I don't trust him he's definitely hiding something. What that is who knows but I still feel like he'
  12. πŸ˜ƒ thanks yep I didn't remember i watch too many shows I think, and this was a long time again. But now it seems familiar.
  13. Good episode Gotta say Bishop even manipulated me into thinking that maybe he wasn't that bad 😩. I was thinking Bishop was one of the weakest villains of the Arrowverse but this episode proved me wrong. He's stronger than I thought. He manipulated Ava,Sara, Mick and the rest of the Legends pretty well. He caught on thru their weaknesses and used that against them: Ava: thru emotions & her sense of wanting to belong. He pretended to be a father figure to her while helping her with her wedding: check it worked. Sara: thru her team: the legends are her family & she'll do anythin
  14. Who would have thought that an episode on Hiram Lodge or rather Jaime Luna would be a good one? It was definitely one of the better Riverdale episodes. And proof that RD writers can still dish out decent/good episodes when they want to. After the mess that was last weeks ep I rather liked this one. I almost rate it as high as the S4 post Fred death season premiere episode. Marc Consuelos was excellent in this. & It was cool to see his son acting along side him as a young Jaime/Hiram. Nice origin to Riverdale's king pin. Hiram's dad was an honorable man & really loved his so
  15. What an end to an amazing freshman season! By George was the finale good! I think Superman and Lois just became my favorite superhero show and favorite Superman media ever. Another episode that felt like a movie rather than just a simple tv episode. S&L knows how to up the stakes, wow. The writers just get Superman thru and thru like the rest of it's characters too. Tyler Hoechlin outdid himself this episode, he'll forever be my favorite SM it'll be really hard for another actor to outdo him in this role. I'll always love Christopher Reeve but yeah Tyler has surpassed him for me. Plu
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