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S03.E12: Fight the Power

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When the truth comes out, Laura is furious and is left to face the consequences. Seeing everything going on, Spencer doesn't want to sit on the sidelines and asks something of his teammates that could jeopardize the rest of their season. Billy deals with something personal by himself, but after a conversation with his dad he realizes what has really happened. Meanwhile, Simone is worried about Jordan and turns to his friends for help.

Airdate: 05/17/2021

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Olivia kept saying her mom didn't tell her or say anything. Her mother is the DA, she can't divulge information around the dinner table. Her mom should be so mad and not easily forgive. Her case, her career, the media. All because her daughter thought she knew best.

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I liked the part where Shelby (?) lit into Olivia and that it made her come to realize some things about her mother.  Of course though they had to have Grace say Olivia was really right because Laura's investigation probably wouldn't amount to anything anyway.  It very likely wouldn't, but Olivia compromised what little chance they had.  I'm also not sure how much Laura would appreciate the woman who once had an affair with her husband telling her that her work is pointless, even though they are on pretty good terms.  It is nice to see Olivia and Layla friends again, though that probably never would have happened if Olivia and Spencer had actually gotten together.

Although the same decision could have been reached, I think they should have had more scenes of discussion among the South Crenshaw players throughout the episode (even though only 4 or 5 have speaking roles of course), going back and forth about whether to protest and in what form.  The way they carried it out, with Spencer refusing Chris's offer to take part in the originally suggested anthem kneeling and then yelling at everyone about what they had to do, it was presented like he was the only one who cared or whose opinion mattered.  With him as the best player and leader, and the vote taken just by a show of hands (even with Billy insisting "no shame"), they really didn't have much choice.  Of course he's the lead character and things are going to revolve around him, but they could have shown that the other characters did care before his input, as I'm sure most or all had been affected.  The players on the other team deciding to join in and forfeit as well was done in a more natural way.  I also don't see why Spencer had to reach his final conclusion based on advice from Willie.  Just because he had been involved with protests before doesn't mean he is usually known for good advice, though he seems nicer and wiser around Spencer than his family.  I wonder if Principal Carter's possible romance with Grace will get him to change his mind about converting the school and dropping sports.  It's not like it will help for Billy to say, "Sorry I broke your nose because I was upset about my mom being sick," as that wasn't Carter's fault.

I think something bad will happen to Jordan, probably as a cliffhanger, now that they made a big deal of him having to be trained secretly by Spencer because he isn't cleared.  The depression he's in might be because of the brain injury itself, not only taking not being able to play hard.

And Coop isn't even in the episode, but we get like 10 minutes of crazy Mo's machinations.  I did enjoy the look on her face when Preach rejected her, but watching her discuss openly how to screw Coop is even worse than when her motives were supposedly hidden.

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Watching Preach mack on that ho Mo was very squicky and I was disappointed in Preach, and then I felt very badly for ever doubting him.  Preach and Coop is a great team.

I hope the season ends with Coop and Spencer making up, though.

Teenagers are so dumb.  “My mom is the DA and won’t tell me every step she is going to make so that means she is DOING nothing, so I will take things into my own hands even though I KNOW nothing.”

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Ugh I'm sorry I am so frustrated with Olivia at this point. She just very possibly ruined her mother's career, recently drove drunk and tried to get Spencer to take the fall, just the drinking in general. Olivia needs to get it together. I know Olivia is Laura's dauther, but Olivia really needs to be punished for what she has done. She needs real consequences. I understand the drinking/addiction is a sickness and she needed love/help/guidance. But this nonsense is just plain reckless. And sorry not sorry but Olivia should be SORRY for releasing that video because by releasing it she has possibly ruined her mother's career and reputation without thinking any of it through. 

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