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S02.E13: Toxic

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Airs on May 11, 2021:


The team tracks two brothers who are set on getting revenge against members of the company that caused their town's environmental destruction; Sarah meets the rest of the LaCroix family, including Jess' sister.


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This was a pretty good episode - the case was good, the 2 villains were real psychos, I mean they had a right to be angry but my god they were sickos, torturing people, cutting off body parts, this was one of the shows more gruesome episodes. I didn’t feel any sympathy for either of the villains.

The case was interesting - it was different in that at the start the team didn’t know the identity of the villains and it required investigation to figure out. The investigation and pursuit of the villains was good, even though it was a bit hard to keep track of who was who at times.

I don’t care at all about LaCroix’s personal life, I don’t care about his dad, his sister or his girlfriend. And that house must be getting crowded with all of those people staying there, I thought LaCroix’s dad had some nerve inviting Sarah to stay at the house without even checking with LaCroix’s in laws, who own the house.

Still no word on Clinton, I wonder when he will be mentioned again. The team works fine together and I like the addition of Ortiz but I do miss Clinton.


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Way too much time allocated to the family dinner scene, Jess' father calling him during work time, Jess' father and sister arguing over Sarah/Tali. If the ex is still in jail, what's the fuss about her moving in?

If only Wyatt wore a ski mask breaking into the semi, the agents would haver never been on their tail. The little things.

I want to feel bad for the Hammond brothers but those were some brutal killings (cutting off ears and a tongue). Even the church going retired HR lady had to go??!! Wonder why they just didn't go after Larry Griffin from the start. 

The "experts" testified poor people smoking and eating bad food were the reasons cancer rates were high in that town. The jury bought that (too bad they weren't on the brother's hit list)? What was going on for 3 years of court cases that the town couldn't win this lawsuit? Now to the present, a quick dig, barrels found (there for 3 decades) and Griffin is going to jail. Just like that!

Larry didn't have the decency to pack up and leave town after the plant was closed. He just rubbed it in more by having the art gallery, a business for his girlfriend and have his daughter drive a nice Range Rover around town for people to see.

Was that painting a dog? Poor couple didn't live to come to a conclusion.

Not sure why dying Wyatt felt the need to give the agents a clue to where his brother was holding the daughter. He must have realized there wasn't enough time left in the show and had to wrap it up fast.

That's some slow coal ash dripping to the daughter's arm. The scene went on for so long the daughter and I forgot she was in danger.

At the end, all these people died/got cancer and Larry lives!

Nice to see Ortiz gets hang with Barnes and Charlotte.

They had some creative ways to hide Keisha Castle-Hughes' pregnancy. 

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Jess’s sister was right. It’s too soon to move Sarah in.  Even without Tallie, it would be too soon. Plus she’s still married and the husband is not a threat, he is in jail.   Also, it’s not Jess’s house.  His Dad is acting like he was best buddies with Jess, when they still barely speak. 

My assumption is that the actors that play the grandparents and Clinton are stuck in Canada, but I miss them. 


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