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S01.E08: Culloden: Scotland's Most Infamous Battle

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Well, this episode was not as much fun as prior episodes, for obvious reasons.  Any fan of the show (Outlander) knows the significance of the Battle of Culloden, even if -- prior to the show -- they were not familiar with it.  It's sad to think of the near-destruction of the Highlander way of life exemplified by the Battle of Culloden.  But we know, with the benefit of hind-sight, that although the Clan political system was broken, the Highlander culture did not die.  It went underground, was transplanted to America and, eventually experienced a resurgence in Scotland, as evidenced by the events featured on this show.

Tulach Ard!

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This episode was so powerful and moving.  The first guest was incredible, and I would gladly watch hours of that conversation with him detailing the battle.  When he spoke of the Highlanders reciting their ancestry before they charged into battle, wow...the emotions.  

Caisteal Dhuin!

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This one was more serious as the subject needed to be! The Outlander clips were well placed, & the battle recreations in the show  were obviously well done, based on the descriptions. My hubby very much enjoyed the history, as did I, knowing that we have Scots in our lineage, & why they came to live in Canada. We actually live in a city named after a Scottish town.  Sad that it’s the last one of the season, hope we get more seasons. 

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I watched this series recently and to be honest, it was.tough to get through. I thought Sam.tried way too hard to be the funny man to Graham's straight faced man and it was painful at times. I'm oretty sure Graham is who he is, but Sam felt like he qas trying too hard to be the funny one and it felt flat to me. 

I also felt the editing was awful. There were times where something internal about to happen, and then BAM, they cut to.something else and we never circle back to that thing  that almost happened. It felt like they didn't have enough good footage and just sized a bunch of stuff together as best they could. 

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