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  1. Oh my goodness. Am I hate watching now? Is this hate watching? I think it is both. But, the writers have improved upon poor book storylines before, so they could have/should have done that here, too. Ok, yes. You're right. I guess I'm not hate watching now, because I'm still looking forward to the next episode. Yes to both of these comments. At first, I was kind of like "I'm not going to judge the healing process of a rape victim because she needs to do what she needs to do." Her telling Bonnet that this is his baby makes zero sense for the reasons yo
  2. AGREEEEEEEEE!!! I profusely love your entire comment. The whole shebang. I'm here for Jamie and Claire and if you don't give me Jamie and Claire, then why am I here? Additionally, if you aren't going to give me Jamie and Claire, then freaking give me Ian. This episode had a whole lot of nothing in it for me. I hated it. Honestly, I struggle with every single Bri scene. I can't take it. I think it is one of the main struggles of the season, where they are departing large portions of the story from Jamie and Claire and focusing on other characters. I think that would be fine i
  3. I'm enjoying the Jocasta/Bree exchanges as well, mostly because it shows that while Brianna has a lot of Fraser, she also has a whole lot of Mackenzie in her, too.
  4. I spat my coffee!! YES! Absolutely. LOVE Lauren Lyle. She really makes Marsali for me. I loathed Marsali at first, too, but you could see even then there was a little something special about her. She is such a gem. I'm not a big interview-watcher, but during a recent procrastination session, I checked out a panel with the actors for Marsali, Fergus, and Young Ian. They were incredibly funny and charming. They need a reality show or a podcast or something. I need so much more of these three. He is the only thing that makes these scenes tolerable. I'm
  5. Breaking the No Book Talk rules here, but both the time travel and the culture shock are covered in much more detail in the source material. Both are annoyingly glossed over in the show.
  6. Yes, you writing out the dialogue is so helpful in processing these feelings (my feelings, that is). I agree that Jamie now has the great benefit of time to heal him, and not only just time, but the reunion with Claire and now his daughter. I do think Jamie was relieved to have killed BJR. Devastating as Culloden was to Jamie...ending the clans, his way of life, death of his men, etc...the worst loss that day was Claire, and I think that was the main agony he felt. Ugh, yes. This was so awkward. I'm guessing maybe it was her delivery, because I don't necessarily disagree
  7. Apologies in advance - I struggle to get behind the Brianna+Roger = One True Love. It's all a little "meh" for me. I watch it/read it but only to get to the next part of the story. I am loving the chemistry between these two. Hear hear!! This perfectly encapsulates the nonsense.
  8. I sincerely feel that there should be an Ian(s) (both Young and otherwise) and Murtaugh spinoff. I know Sam and Graham did the whole Men in Kilts thing, but it's these 3 that I really love. And I agree, I absolutely LOVE the homesteading bits. I want so much more of that. I would watch hours of Ian and Murtaugh distilling liquor. This was completely brutal. I have always appreciated how this show doesn't shy away from things - miscarriage, ptsd, etc. Each rape is different, and I appreciate that, too. But, there's something extra horrific about this one, and it makes me s
  9. YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I'm willing to hand wave A LOT of things with this show, and I have to just to make it through sometimes, but this one...c'mon. Really appreciate your analysis in the two comments above. In reading it, it helped me fully understand by feelings for Brianna in this situation. I also think her youth played a part - young 20s, you're invincible, right. You can do anything. I did things in my 20s that I find to be so foolish now. Even though Claire was only slightly older than Bri when she first came through the stones, she had a lot more life experience and
  10. I second this!! Hear hear!! YES! Them shacking up in a smithy in broad daylight and then into the night made zero sense. Was no one working? Was it Murtaugh's place and since he was out rebel-rousing he wasn't around to break up the love nest? I'd also like to add that George Washington should always be played by Ian Kahn from Turn. There should be an index somewhere that outlines which historical/literary figures can only be played by specific actors. This Washington is wrong, and I won't stand for it. This is interesting. Were Healers more respected than su
  11. Absolutely, yes. I've never met a carb I didn't like.
  12. Confession - This is my least favorite episode of the entire Outlander canon. I never rewatch this one. Disclaimer - My comments here are completely objective and most likely of the "unpopular opinion" type. Love that you caught on to this and that you framed it in the way you did. I maintain that he isn't. Yes, girl, yes. I refuse to participate in the Frank redemption arc. I just won't do it. Reading these words is like listening to my favorite song on the radio, whilst in the car, breezing down the interstate with the windows down. Bliss.
  13. Me too! This warmed my heart. Love me some Clairtaugh. I noticed it with this episode especially. I chalked it up to him being feverish and sick. I actually really feel for Claire here (I know, I'm a Claire fangirl, but still). Twenty years is impossible to get back. And then to make it worse, Jamie went through some really terrible things without her, and no matter how much he talks about what happened with her (off screen, apparently), she wasn't there through it with him. For a good chunk of those years, John was. I think it would be difficult to not have some pan
  14. When he popped on the screen, I thought of you and your reaction. As a farm kid, this urked me. You don't give the good stuff to the pigs, which will happily eat just about anything. Further, I would imagine any good homesteader would have used those "scraps" (which didn't look too scrap-ish) to make stew or broth or something else edible for the people. As for the slop bucket, my grandparents definitely had one and it sat by the sink. When you would take your plate to the sink after your meal, you would scrape the remnant produce into the bucket. At the end of the day, the bucke
  15. Ah, me too. Why can't we see more of this? I want to see the cabin being built and them breaking all of that virgin ground for crops (the work of that!). Jamie making a table, a bed frame, laying stone for and blessing the hearth...sigh. I like to think that Auntie Jo sent some first-world provisions to the Back Country. She wouldna want them to rough it too much, ya ken? Jamie is a man of worth. Sounds like a perfectly practical, reasonable request. Perhaps Ian does a lot of hanging out with JQM? Between your britches and backing her up against a tree comment
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