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S01.E03 Are You Alright?

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In order to prove to Krendler and the VICAP team that she is fit for duty, Clarice must find the psychological key that will unlock a confession from the suspect in the three river murders.

So they seem to purposely be staying away from the serial killers and going all in on the conspiracy angle. Interesting choice. Also interesting is how much they softened Krendler. They're almost making me feel bad for rooting for his [redacted].

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I was wondering how long things would last between Clarice and her therapist. I liked the tension in their sessions, but yeah, she's right to look elsewhere. And I liked the whole interrogation throughout the episode, too. It was good to see the team working together as they did.

Also nice to see more of Kal Penn's character this episode. 

I also love Catherine's puppy :D. But oof, my heart goes out to her with how she's struggling in the aftermath of what she's been through. 


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3 hours ago, Annber03 said:

I was wondering how long things would last between Clarice and her therapist. I liked the tension in their sessions, but yeah, she's right to look elsewhere.


Yeah, and come to think of it, there's one pretty gifted psychiatrist who already has somewhat of a rapport with Clarice.

But he's....well...unavailable for the foreseeable future.

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The Catherine actress reminds me of the young Meryl Streep.

It distracted me that the suspect kept repeating that he has always hated root beer, yet that is the beverage they gave him with his sandwich. Someone marked his bag with “No tomato,” etc., so why not give him a beverage he requested?

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20 hours ago, The Wild Sow said:

Damn, show - stop making me like Krendler.

But it's Michael Cudlitz!  You have to like him!  I've loved him since Southland. 

Speaking of actors - I also like Kris Holden-Reid, but that was some crappy southern accent.  I did like how he was poisoned, athough they really beat the audience over the head with the root beer thing.  I liked the fake lawyer fake out.

I'm starting to dislike Clarice as a character - is she always right?  What is the perp or suspect is a non-southerner?  All her advice really seems based on cultural understandings

Still plan to continue watching,. 

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I like this version of Clarice, but is she always going to be right every single time? I guess its necessary when she is still trying to establish herself with her team, but I hope that later on we get more of her being out of her depth. Possibly when they have to leave the south, so much of her profiling seems to be based around her own background right now. This week they did flesh out the other members of the team a bit more, which I appreciate, I am glad we saw more of Kal Penn's character and Krendler is actually becoming less of an asshole. 

Nice seeing Kris Holden-Reid as the killer, he did a lot with his episode even knowing that he was probably going to be silenced. Season or series long conspiracies are rather high risk high reward for a show. They can add a lot of stakes and tension to a show, but if its not planned out well, it can become an overly convoluted mess that totally takes over the show. 

Poor Catherine, I hope that we see her getting soon and that this isn't some kind of villain origin story for her. Her puppy needs her. 

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