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S02.E05: The Line

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Airing on January 26, 2021:

After a rogue militia group opens fire on several teenagers crossing the Canadian border into the U.S., the team races to find the ringleader and his final target. Also, Jess’ relationship with his father, Byron, reaches a breaking point.

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I swear I thought this was a repeat — this storyline has been done over and over.  I thought this was a pretty boring episode.

I am glad that Jess came around when it came to his dad.  

Wonder where Clinton is?

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This show going to run out of "hate group" storylines. Need to start coming up with better criminals to chase.

When the FBI brought in their crime scene team to the kid's shooting site, they couldn't determine there was a 3rd shooter? You have "One" job back ground characters...."One" job!

Whitney is a POS! She called out of work that day, knowing Anthony was going to go to the border with a bomb/guns and didn't warn her partner/ make an anonymous tip. Now he's dead. She should have drowned in that milk bath.

Almost thought she was going to fake "labor" to avoid trouble with the agents and Anthony.

Early in the episode there were plenty of Border patrol agents when the kids arrived but when Anthony arrived  there's only one. Did they all call out sick too?

Some scenes had a lot of snow and some a had little to no snow. Must have had odd shooting times and couldn't get around it.

Good for Lacroix to take out Kenny to clear his head from the shooting.

Is the actor playing Clint staying away from the show for Covid reasons? 

Was Agent Fitts necessary? Maybe auditioning to be Clint's replacement.

I want to see the woman "whiter" than Whitney.

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Decent episode - but I agree the show needs to branch away from the “hate crimes/hate groups” storylines, they’ve done several of them it seems, and I would like more original cases. 

The female border patrol agent was a piece of shit IMO, she didn’t warn anyone about her baby daddy being a terrorist and now another agent is dead. Fuck her. 

I have come to like Kenny a lot more, I disliked him when the show started but he’s mellowed out tremendously and I like him now. I liked his scene with LaCroix at the end. 

I hope this is the end of the drama surrounding LaCroix and his dad. 

I wonder why Clinton is out? They mentioned he was on some special task force in the last episode, but why is the actor missing episodes? That is puzzling to me, I hope he’s back soon, I like his character a lot, and I thought he could’ve been used well tonight given the fact that they were dealing with Native Americans and all. 

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Forget the “same old plot” problem. I’m six minutes into this and my brain won’t focus. The dialogue and scenes shot regarding location of crossing, towns/cities where injured were sent or suspects live——none of it makes any sense. There are two honking big bodies of water up there separating the US and Canada. Closest land crossing is at Rouse’s Point, far northeast in NY almost at the VT border.  Injured persons from this location would likely end up in an Albany or Boston hospital. They certainly wouldn’t air-lift someone west, over the Adirondack Mountains to Syracuse. Just shaking my head. Why don’t they just make up town/city names rather than scramble our brains, taking us well out of the action? I like the show because of the actors, but they really do need better stories. 

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