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S03.E07: Welcome to the Motorcycle

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Malcolm surprises Calvin and Tina when he brings home a new motorcycle, while Dave and Gemma aim to rev up their social life with a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

Airdate: 01/18/2021

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2 hours ago, Empress1 said:

I full-out laughed when Calvin was describing the accident to Gemma & Dave. His delivery was hilarious.

Me too. I almost woke up my kid laughing so hard. 

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I really liked the Gemma - Dave plot in this episode. It was so true to life and relatable, and it is always refreshing when for once Dave is not paired with Calvin in a storyline. It was cute how enthusiastic both of them were, and the "we just went to a party last week. we were just chaperones at Grover's school dance" joke cracked me up.

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Are they going to go to Vegas every time something needs shaken up?  I think Gemma had more fun with Tina in Vegas than she did with Dave.

Calvin's story of the motorcycle crash, though, was gold.

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I thought it was cute. I liked Calvin being so sure that Malcolm wasn't going to drive off with his truck and then freaking out when he did, heh. 


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