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S06:13: The Signal

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Streaming 2020.12.30


It's election day in Kattegat but strangers arriving at the harbor may force a very unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, Ivar receives the signal from Prince Dir that his forces are ready to challenge Oleg.

Episodes of the final half season will be streaming on Amazon Prime.

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So, after all of the speeches and; in Ingrid's case; dark (?) rituals performed, the results are in and the new leader of Kattegat is... Harald?  Yep, Harald makes his grand return and basically assumes the throne for himself, and is on a quest to have his fame reach the heights of Bjorn.  You know, if I were to look past all of the awful, evil stuff he has done lately, I would almost get a kick out his blatant Bjorn crush.  Peter Franzen is still great in the role, but it is still a shame that Harald has gone back to just being an one-note antagonist, after getting some dimensions in previous seasons.

Heh, first they got a pro wrestler to play a Viking (Adam Copeland as Kjetell) and now it looks like they got a hockey player to join in, with this Skane character being played by Brent Burns.

Well, thanks to a massive storm, it now looks like Torvi's daughter might be dead.  She just can't win, can she?

Still not sure what Erik's deal is.

I guess we have to wait for the next episode to see the aftermath of Ivar's escape attempt.  I doubt all of them are going down, but I wouldn't be surprised if some obstacles happen and at least one of the Ivar/Hvisterk/Igor/Katia foursome doesn't make it out of there.

Liked seeing glimpses of Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ragnar from the previous episodes, even if I can't remember if Gunnhild was even around when Ragnar was there. 

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I feel the same way about Harald.  I found him a completely uninteresting character the first two seasons but then Peter Frazen really stepped up his game and made Harald one of the best characters on the show.  I could root for him here if it wasn't for the awful stuff he did last season.  

I continue to love the Russian set.

Poor Torvi loses another kid that happens to be Lagetha's last grandkid (I think it's fair to say that Ingrid is not carrying Bjorn's child).

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Oh Harald, why you gotta be such a douche? I loved hearing his revisionist history regarding his relationship with Bjorn (he stabbed him in the back every chance he got) and Lagertha (she essentially raped him while he was chained up). Major creep vibes with the way he behaved towards the women: I hope to Hirst that Gunnhild gets to keep her promise to Ingrid and slit his throat, and the women take the obvious option and team up with each other to rule.

That's probably not going to be the case though, for it seems yet another female character is going down the crazy path (remember Margrethe?)

I always love it when characters tell the stories of their gods; in this case Torvi and the tale of Jormungandr. It's incredible that they're still told and passed on today. But... she's lost another kid?? Man, Hirst really loves killing off children. 

I guess we're not getting any sort of reaction from Ingrid about her father's death, though I suspect Hirst has already forgotten that she was Olaf's daughter.

It would seem that Katia is indeed all-in on Ivar's plan - for the kid's sake I hope they make it out alive.

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Poor Torvi can't catch a break, can she? The little girl saw the serpent in the storm-then she was gone. For a second I thought the new guy was going to throw the baby overboard too. And old Harald just waltzes into town, ready to take over. It was cool to see Lagatha and Ragnar again-maybe it will give Grunhild the strength to kick Haralds ass.

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