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S01.E06: Day Twelve

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A sudden illness rips through the beach camp, affecting nearly every castaway. As the girls fight for survival, we learn more about Leah’s past and how she’s been faring since her rescue.


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The woman running this program is even more out there than I thought. How is checking herself into a mental institution the best way she can think of to recruit that shrink/investigator? And he must be really shady to take a job offered in that way. But of course only extremely shady people would run an experiment/retreat like this anyway. It seems like their dynamic is that the woman running the program tries to couch things in therapeutic or scientific terms (it's all part of the project!) while the psychiatrist is the one bluntly being like 'we need to make them feel guilty so they don't report us'. It's interesting to me that the person who supposedly has chosen a career based on helping young people is the one who is the most open about manipulating the girls to save his own (and by extension the project's) skin.

I got vaguely possibly-closeted vibes from Shelby before, but the whole thing where she straddles Toni to get her to take the medicine makes me think the show is definitely signaling something is going to develop with Shelby or between the two of them. I honestly thought for a second Shelby was going to put the pill in her own mouth, kiss Toni and push it into her mouth to get her to take the medicine, which would have been too much. Toni continues to be the most heart-breaking character for me. The part where she yells at Shelby for giving her (Toni) the last pill instead of Martha because Martha is a good person and Toni doesn't matter kind of killed me. And this is officially the episode where I am annoyed with Leah. All that crap with losing the medicine bag, I mean, come ON.

I'm still not sure who the other operative is, but I think it is either Dot or Shelby. The argument for Dot so far is that I think her dad wouldn't have signed her up for this crap unless she was going to get a big payday out of it, and I bet that would only happen if she's helping run the experiment. That's the only way I can see that this trip would result in her being taken care of, like he wanted. Plus, even though Shelby found the bag, she apparently gave it to Dot, and Dot is the one inventorying and taking charge of things the way you would expect someone running this thing to. The argument for Shelby is we still don't know her backstory, she is the one who found the bag that the woman running the project left for the other operative, and Leah has noticed that she keeps disappearing and sneaking around (to report back to home base?). Plus, she seems more pulled together than Dot at the moment; I feel like, as desperate as Dot was after they didn't have all the medicine, if she had a secret backup phone she would have used it at that point.

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i thought we knew that Dot was part of "the game" as we saw her talking to Blonde Lady back in episode 3? and asking what she needed to do whilst signing up to the trip?

She may well be totally in on the game or just knows a tiny amount and thinks this part is all real and whatever she agreed to do in the future hasn't happened yet .

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I've only watched until this ep, so my money is on Shelby being the operative. I think her whole Christian gun-toting Texan is a schtick, it's so cliche. All she needs to add is that she was a cheerleader for the football team, and she would hit the Murican "football, guns & Jesus" stereotype.

Notice how she really ramped up the anti gay talk as soon as the group was getting along really well. Like it's her job to stir the pot.

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