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  1. legxleg

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    So Isaac is Theon! The thought crossed my mind but I'm really bad at recognizing people so I thought I was mistaken. That's an interesting choice of a next role for him - I'd assumed that he would want to go for something set in the modern day. Charlotte seems to just have the *worst* picker.
  2. legxleg

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    I've got to say, even though I know that Lydia is horrible, I really felt for her when they were giving her the "treatments" for madness. The whole madhouse system just terrifies me to be honest. And, almost as if they could sense I was feeling bad for her, they make her go in and start grooming a vulnerable girl so that she can pimp her the second she gets out. Is Margaret actually gone for good? I suppose it's realistic that someone can't just come back from transportation, but I'm really surprised if they have just written her off.
  3. legxleg

    Years and Years

    I think my favorite part of the episode is that Viktor is still skyping in for the family meeting about the one brother losing all that money, even though he's doing it while trying to avoid persecution in Ukraine. Priorities! Everything else is so dark I'm basically clinging to the part that made me laugh.
  4. legxleg

    Years and Years

    I agree that it doesn't make sense that air raid sirens would go off in the UK if China and the US are firing missiles at each other, but I think part of the confusion at the end was that it was unclear if missiles were only being fired at the US/China, or if, since the UK had been brought into it (I assume as an ally of the US), China was firing missiles at the UK as well. Even the news broadcast saying that they're at war was doing more harm than good because it was giving absolutely no information - they didn't even say who the UK was at war *with*, much less give instructions about what people should do. The whole thing would be absolutely terrifying. I'm not opposed to the married gay couple breaking up since it seemed to me that they either needed serious couples counseling or to just end it. For me the big red flag was the conspiracy theory stuff. I felt that the cheating husband didn't respect the conspiracy theorist any more because of the weird things that he's into, and I don't think a marriage can survive that. I mean, I don't think I could maintain a close relationship of any sort with someone who was all in on conspiracy theories, and the conspiracy theorist really deserves a husband who respects him (even though, to be clear, I think conspiracy theories are awful). However, abandoning your husband at your grandmother's birthday party in the middle of a possible air raid/bomb so you can go hook up with the cute guy you're into has got to be among the crappiest ways to break up.
  5. legxleg

    The Spanish Princess

    Oh Lina. I'm rooting for you, but is your reaction to being sick really 'well, I guess I'll drag myself into the woods to die all alone'? I appreciate that she was trying to protect Catherine, and also probably not thinking as coherently as usual, but still...that was a weird choice, writers. Although, it clearly worked out better for her than having all the doctors in the land did for Arthur so hey, she might be on to something. So they made a choice to have Catherine and Arthur not have slept together at the time of the 'I was in Spain last night' conversation, but definitely did sleep together afterwards. I'm curious how they will make things flow between this show and The Other Boleyn Girl (which I assume they'll be making next). I like the way they have set up Catherine's dowry being necessary to send Mary off and make the peace treaty with Scotland. This way Henry VII doesn't come across as just being extra greedy by worrying about money so much. Also, Mary seemed so young. I really felt for her, being sent off to marry into a country she has been taught to hate. I recognize that this was completely normal for royal girls at the time, but I still imagine that it was really scary. And just compare it to Catherine - in the show, she knew who she was going to marry from the time she was an actual child, she was prepared, she (thought she) was corresponding with her future husband - so she can come in with a measure of confidence (although she's got her share of trouble in this, as we see). Mary is just thrown into things with no warning, and I do feel bad for her.
  6. legxleg

    The Spanish Princess

    Thanks for the info! I think her behavior makes a lot more sense for a teenager. I guess she's like the Lydia Bennet of these ladies in waiting.
  7. legxleg

    The Spanish Princess

    I enjoyed this! I think that the whole letter-writing mix-up was a good choice - it makes for personal dramatic stakes, and sets the stage for a sort of contentious romance. She and Henry already have chemistry IMO - although I was a little curious about why he was taking her shoes off before she walked down the aisle. Was that a standard tradition at the time? I also agree that it's good they aged him up - I read Alison Weir's Katherine of Aragon book, and I enjoyed it for the most part, except where she is randomly musing about what a vital and good-looking 11-year-old Henry is and I was like 🙅‍♀️. I am glad they are avoiding that creepy dynamic. I think Lina is an interesting character, and I hope that she gets a good storyline. So far, I am a little afraid that she is being portrayed as a scolding nag to everyone - don't pray Muslim prayers, don't flirt, don't take too long of a bath. But then again, it's not like she's wrong. Rosa is being a real idiot right now, and I wonder how old she is supposed to be.
  8. legxleg

    The Purge

    If Purge night existed, I would leave the country. Even if I had to save all year and could just go to a motel on the other side of the border in Canada or Mexico, I'd do it. I'm surprised that the rich people in this show never seem to do this, and instead lock themselves inside their homes and hope for the best. Although my natural next thought is, what if you were planning to fly to another country or continent on the last flight out before Purge, and your flight was delayed? And if there is murder tourism, all the people coming in on the final flights into the country before Purge night would be people who want to kill someone. So now I have Purge: Flight Delay of Death in my head. Thanks for that, show.
  9. legxleg

    The Purge

    I think they’ll have a hard time finishing out this season in a satisfying way, but I’m curious to see what they do. The lone purger as a NFFA assassin/stooge is compelling, but even if that’s the case I feel like he still has too much information. The rich couple was being recruited for the NFFA, so why would the NFFA put them on the hit list? I find it hard to believe that the dying act of someone at the party would be to inform HQ that the rich couple didn’t join and needed to be eliminated (although realistically I think they’d schmooze and try to recruit them again next year). If the NFFA wanted to get someone from that party, surely the rebels who killed the Stantons (well, most of them) would be the priority? And why would anyone go to special effort to put Penny on a kill list? She didn’t do anything to piss off the NFFA until she stood up to the cult leader, and unless the NFFA has a live feed watching her there’s no way they’d know that happened so quickly. If they have trackers on people like Jane, whoever is pulling the purger guy’s strings must have picked them all in advance, and I can’t imagine why. The more I think about it, the more I wonder what this show has in mind. I’m curious if nothing else.
  10. legxleg

    The Purge

    How far away is the Stanton party from the rich couple's house? They drove there at the beginning, and managed to run home in what I assume was less than an hour (considering that Jane is walking through the creep's apartment and Miguel and Penelope are still being tormented in the witch tent) without running into a single purger? Or rather, running into one purger, who didn't seem interested in killing them, just taunting them. Jane was attacked within five minutes of leaving her office! Maybe purgers tend to stay away from ritzy neighborhoods because fewer people are likely to be stuck outside and it's harder to break into their houses? I know, I'm way overthinking it. I feel bad about it, but the whole time the rich couple were fighting about their upbringings and everything, I just kept thinking, I would much rather spend this time watching them flee through purge night. I hope that Jane manages to call the Matron Saints, because they would clean house on that den of creeps. Also, was that Jane's picture in the vigilante's car? How does he know she needs help? What is his plan in all of this? ETA: Oh and I laughed when Miguel managed to knock out Penelope's evil ex boyfriend with a couple of kicks. Come on, now. I'm glad our heroes will get away or whatever, but the evil ex is just ridiculous. All that talking and he gets destroyed by a guy *tied to a stake*. It also makes me wonder if this has ever happened before, that a designated victim manages to kill the customer/purger, and what the protocol is.
  11. legxleg

    S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    I think Peach is my favorite. She's an absolutely toxic person, but Shay Mitchell does such a good job with her that I just love whenever she's on screen. I'm so glad that she survived. Who else will inform me of the life-changing shock of being in an airport on 9/11? Or teach me by example to include fake suicide attempt pills in my food journal? My diet will never work unless I am brutally honest about every gram of food that I am consuming! Thanks, Peach! Also, I would bet you real money that her family has absolutely zero connection to JD Salinger.
  12. legxleg

    S01.E04: The Captain

    I think Beck would have been more wary after the whole 'ok so I followed you after I figured out your location from the background of a photograph' thing if she didn't already like him and wasn't looking for a lifeline. She's having a crappy day surrounded by people she doesn't like and then, hey, here's Joe to rescue her from her crappy day and to come along as a buffer to the dinner she's dreading! How he got here is a little weird, but whatever! If, however, she had decided to ghost him like Peach wanted, and he showed up...she would have probably been freaked. I think it's one of those things where a gesture can seem romantic if you like the person but creepy if you don't because love/romance makes us stupid. Speaking of gestures that can be romantic or creepy, I thought that Beck just showing up at his apartment, which he had never invited her to, after getting the information out of Joe's one employee would set off serious red flags in other circumstances. I think it's not too far off from Joe's 'oh I just found you based on things in the background of your photo!' story. And there was also that line about Beck watching Joe sleep, which is one of those classic things that walks the line on creepy/romantic based on who you ask (and how much vampire romance they consume). I do wish Beck was stalking him back, but we were inside her head this episode so I guess that theory is ruled out.
  13. legxleg

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I thought the line where Joe decided that she paid for her book with a credit card because she wanted him to know her name to be so creepy. The girl is just living her life and he decides it’s all coded messages for him to justify his doing what he wants. And it sort of highlights something we all do (wonder what did it mean when my crush did X?) and takes it to the creepiest extreme.
  14. legxleg

    S02.E08 Plan B 2018.07.24

    So Jane knows she needs Plan B, knows it's sold at pharmacies (and if she doesn't Ben certainly would know this), but she needs to immediately call both her best friends in the middle of the night...why? I agree, there's no reason she had to postmate it instead of just going to the pharmacy herself like a normal human being. And she could have told her friends all about it when she saw them in the morning. I love the close friendship between the main trio - it's the main selling point of the show for me - but at this point things are getting weird. I was surprised that Scarlet was into employees becoming brand spokespeople. Or is it just Kat? I get that they are putting her in a more prominent position, but when she starts hocking facial cleanser she seems more like a model and less like a manager. It adds another layer to the big 'so what does Kat do all day, exactly?' question that sort of haunts the show. She tweets, she hires a person we never see again, and she is a spokeswoman for products (but only the ones she believes in!). Sutton was my favorite this ep. I love professionally competent Sutton, and it looks like she's really doing well. Although I did wonder if those models would have been okay with it if they knew they were posing with cups she'd dug out of the dumpster. And I do like that her friends helped her out with her work, although I had to laugh when Jane admitted she was just blowing off the article that she knew was going to be the feature piece of the next issue and that her editor had been pushing her to finish so she could help out. Although I guess Jane knew she wasn't going to be able to get it done at her desk either so she might as well do something productive.
  15. legxleg

    S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    I'm so worried for Sutton! As a viewer, it was really clear to me that the "influencer" is taking her for a ride - the way she peaced out when Sutton was uncomfortable with the check, the way she dangled the invite to the high profile party, the way she insisted that this is totally normal and she does it all the time (yeah right). But I can also see why Sutton is being pushed along - I would be frustrated too if I was hustling and hustling and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Networking is so hard, I can see why it might be even harder with these fashionista types. Maybe Oliver will catch it and make her pay it off in installments out of her paycheck or something rather than reporting it up the chain. Sutton's finances won't be getting better any time soon, but at least she could keep her job. I think if Jane was uncomfortable with Dr Ben's religiousness because she wasn't sure what he believed or how that might affect her, I'd understand it. Would he expect her to convert or start going to services with him if they became serious? Are there things that she considers normal or important parts of her life that would be deal-breaker sins for him? It's a lot to navigate. But she went right into 'ugh, how can you believe in the magic man in the sky' territory, which is pretty obnoxious IMO and he took it a lot better than I thought he might. I was glad she had a personal story that she was working through rather than just being dismissive on principle, but when you pair that with her looking down her nose at Pinstripe's job, this episode was really highlighting Jane's judgmental streak. I wonder if this is going to be a season long arc for her. I also wonder if the show is going to get into navigating the actual issues of a non-religious person dating a very religious person, or if it's going to be sidelined after this ep. I think Kat was a little OTT with her suspicions and jealousy about Adena, but I also don't really think Adena's explanation about why she was being evasive about her past relationships really held up for me. I understand why the travel ban and being apart from her mother makes her feel vulnerable or nervous, but I don't understand why that means she was so cagey about Kat meeting her friends. I also thought that a lot of Kat's jealousy might have been dealt with better if Adena had actually introduced Kat around and not just gone off to a table of other people while Kat stood around awkwardly. But maybe Adena's used to Kat being really outgoing and able to fend for herself at a party.