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S19.E14: The Voice Holiday Celebration

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Performances by array of past and present coaches, music superstars, and beloved artists from The Voice family. Plus, Season 19 coaches Blake, Kelly, John, and Gwen share some of their favorite holiday traditions and memories.

Original airdate: 12/3/20

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I fast forwarded though some of this episode since I had seen most of the performances before. The screaming audience during the first song was so annoying, I definitely don't miss that! In general, I don't think Blake or Gwen have that great of voices, but I thought they sounded really good together on the last song. Also I'll probably get some eye rolls with this comment 😁,  but I thought Gwen actually sounded a bit like Dolly Parton during the harmony. I also liked the 50s styled dancers.

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I really enjoyed this episode.  I hope they start an annual tradition.  The only performance I didn't care for was Sia as I'm not a fan of hiding one's face (especially as facial expressions are, in my opinion, a part of the performance).  I had previously seen some of these performances although not all of them.  I do enjoy holiday specials and miss Michael Buble's Christmas specials (he was on this episode so I felt that comment was related to the episode [I know it's a super weak connection...]).

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