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S28.E03: Arsene Wenger, Samuel L Jackson, Dawn French, Freddie Flintoff, Michael Kiwanuka

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Joining Graham tonight are football manager Arsene Wenger, whose new autobiography is called My Life in Red and White, Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson, presenter of the documentary Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, with his wife Latanya Richardson Jackson, actress and comedian Dawn French, promoting her new novel Because of You, and cricketer and Top Gear presenter Freddie Flintoff, whose new book Right, Said Fred mocks the absurdities of modern life. With music from recent Mercury Prize winner Michael Kiwanuka, who performs his current single, Light.


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I loved watching Sam and Latanya together. Like Graham said, I think I have just seen an entirely new side of him and their marriage seems great. Fifty years together. I liked how he didn't remember the proposal and kept asking her to confirm his ideas of what he did and she just says "That's not what happened." It was natural and friendly but they clearly have made two strong personalities into a strong relationship .

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You can really tell the Richardson Jacksons have been together for ages. They have that ease and shorthand longtime couples develop. I loved them.

I also really liked Michael Kiwanuka. I'm usually pretty meh about Graham's musical guests, but he was terrific.

I liked the Mars bar discussion. I am firmly on the side of YES.

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