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S01.E07: Last Words

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I'm watching. I'm just not quite sure what to make of it...there are moments that are just stunning and powerful (usually the more quiet, thoughtful scenes) and others that are vaguely absurd and weird. Also, there is a lot of all-caps ACTING! from several people, especially Ethan Hawke, but I did think he was really great in this finale (I presume this was the finale?).

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Even though I knew the ending (since it's history and all) I admit I got a bit weepy toward the end. 

The montage during the end credits I found a bit heavy-handed. Yes, we get the objective, but this was still the story of John Brown any way you slice it.

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Yes, off the chain but i heard some historians felt this portrayal was a little...too off the chain? though they are happy the story of John Brown was finally told


So I finally watched this series....my Mom has Showtime so she had it recorded and we finished this the other day....there is way too much stuff on TV so i can only watch so many shows at one time


But i agree with what others have said, more people need to be watching this! this was sooo good!!!! I think what made it work so well was having the story be told from a kid's perspective, and i appreciated the humorous aspects of such deep and disturbing subject matter


I think the casting was spot on...loved Bob, loved how he said he "wanted to believe" before he jumped out the carriage, i liked Daveed D. as F.Douglass, i liked the casting for the General.....the sons......heck i even liked Cook!


Ethan Hawke needs to be recognized for this performance....i'm sure he will get a nomination, but he really should win....I'm not one for grand speeches, but even i was moved by his speech in "gentle Canada".....watching that speech made me think, "this is how people become radicalized!"  (of course-completely different cause, but hopefully you get my point ha)


I know some Showtime shows end up on Netflix....I really hope this ends up on Netflix eventually so this reaches a larger audience....February would have been perfect for Black History month but I have a feeling it won't go on Netflix until the end of 2021. 


Obama listed this as one of his top 10 shows for 2020 i think....


my only criticism is that i wished they would have shown more of the "bleeding Kansas" conflict....i have a friend who teaches at a University in Kansas so she has told me a lot about the bleeding Kansas stuff, i have visited Kansas a few times.....and i was disappointed when we went to Topeka the capitol building was closed for renovations so i could not see the John Brown mural....here's to hoping the next i am out there it is open!!!!!

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