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The Fashion of Emily in Paris

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On 10/26/2020 at 8:34 PM, retired watcher said:

That long yellow dress in the first episode was my favorite. 

Mine, too.  It was gorgeous.

Some of the later...er...fashions seemed more “Jenny from Gossip Girl” than a grown American woman working in Paris, hoping to be taken seriously at her job.  I don’t know about the character’s age, but Lily Collins is 31 and some of the clothing was incredibly junior.

Some was pure eye candy, though, and I’ll admit it was all fun.

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30 minutes ago, CraftyHazel said:

some of the clothing was incredibly junior.

Patricia Field does that a lot, I think. Carrie on SatC wore some really juvenile stuff, too. I feel like Field gets enamored with a look and that wins out over whether it's actually right for the character/scene.

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Late the party on this but i'm watching Episode 6 and Emily is wearing a green fuzzy sweater .... with a purple and black patterned fuzzy sweater draped over her shoulders like she got jumped from behind.   Both sweaters appear to be worn over a third (but much thinner) white sweater.   What is happening ..... ????  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.  

I really liked the yellow dress in the first episode, though!   I liked the eiffel tower blouse, too ... just not with twenty other patterns.  What is with this woman mixing a bazillion patterns all the time?

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