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The Language of Love After Lockup

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Are you new to the forum? Have you ever wondered why certain people are called things other than their names?  Here's the place for explanations of who's who and how they got that way. You can also try out new names for the convicts, lovers and other losers that inhabit the wonderful world of Love After Lockup.

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Some of the original crew to kick things off:

Michael - ex-con, sperm donor, er, father of Avianna and Rayne; a.k.a. Mumbles, Murgh (what it sounded like when he called from prison and said his name). Forehead (what MMQ's BFF called him)
Sarah - Michael's wife. They have two daughters, one conceived prior to his incarceration, one almost immediately upon his release, a.k.a. Cabbage Patch
Meghan - Michael's original side piece; a.k.a. Meghan My Queen, MMQ (Michael repeatedly stated that Meghan was his queen)
Maria - Michael's latest side piece; a.k.a. Maria My Hag, MMH

Lacey - "model" featured in internet porn who originally was engaged to the incarcerated John while also wooing the incarcerated Shayne
John - In and out of jail for drug charges; a.k.a. Chon (because her overly inflated lips seem to prevent Lacey from pronouncing John)
Shayne - ex-con, now Lacey's husband, former malicious wounder; a.k.a. Chayne, Chane, Chain (apparently the "Sh" sound is also a struggle for Lacey)


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1 hour ago, AZChristian said:

Tommy - AKA "Jerry Springer" because of the resemblance.  The one man in her life who really loves Angela, but he's not hot enough for her standards. 

Is he not hot enough or not incarcerated often enough (ever?) for her to know exactly where he is at all times?

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1 minute ago, OnceSane said:

Is he not hot enough or not incarcerated often enough (ever?) for her to know exactly where he is at all times?

He even joked about the fact that he needed to get thrown in jail so she'd notice him.  Does Tommy smoke?  Maybe if he smelled like an old cigarette she'd find him irresistible.  

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Adding in:

  • Amber, a.k.a Ambuh, because apparently pronouncing the "er" is too hard for Vince
  • Vince - too dull to give a nickname, Amber's target when she was released; they met in person and Amber realized Vince is a sentient rock at best 
  • Puppy - Amber's prison GF.
  • Dog - Nickname for Puppy's mom who Amber lives with 
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