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S16.E22: Blood is Thicker Than Water

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Aired 9/15

Saga loses a veteran deckhand, forcing Jake to steam a greenhorn army to the Russian line. Amid scuttlebutt that ports are closing due to a virus, Josh fights to get home for a reunion with his brother and Sig's daughter gets rushed to the hospital.

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The most telling part of the episode:  Josh wants to get home for his daughter's birthday, so he's going to skip the next trip out to the fishing grounds.  Casey looks at him with his jaw dropping that Josh would skip the trip, but then comments, "I would have liked to be at my kids' birthdays, too . . . but they were months ago.  But you do what you think you have to do."

If there was any doubt as to who owns the controlling interest on the CM, that scene made it all clear.  Bottom line:  Casey is the worker bee and Josh is the queen bee.

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2 hours ago, merylinkid said:

Josh:  I'm going to have to skip out.    

From what?   Posing for the cameras?  The CM will be just fine without him sitting in the spare chair in the wheelhouse.   

I find myself totally mesmerized by his whisker growth.  In one of the earlier shots in this episode, from the time a crab pot was just coming out of the water until 20 seconds later when it was on deck and being opened, he apparently had time to run downstairs and shave.  Or it was bad editing.  I suspect the latter.

Mr. AZC thinks Josh doesn't even go out on the ship when it's actually fishing.  They just take reaction shots of him at different times of the day and night and stick them in where they want them. 

Director:  Josh, we need you looking happy that a full pot is coming up.

Josh:  DAMN . . . look at that.  That's a full pot!!!!

Director:  Great.  Now we need you looking upset that the pot that they pulled up is almost empty.

Josh:  DAMN . . . look at that.  That pot is almost empty.

Director:  Josh, Casey ran down to the head.  Can you sit over in the REAL captain's chair and pretend to be steering the boat?

Josh:  Oooooh.  Look at the cool video game up on that little screen.

Seriously, how often are Josh and Casey in the same shot?  And when they were together in this episode, Casey looked really disgusted with Josh until he remembered that Josh is a bigger shareholder and it was necessary to play nice with him.

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I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I wonder if I haven't eaten with the dead - folks who just aren't there.  I was fine eating.  I hated paying the bill!

I usually just fast forward through CM but I did watch the kiss off scene with Josh and Casey.  When Casey's hesitation in replying occurred, I knew we were in for a special joshy moment.  We got it.  He pretended that Casey was enthusiastically supporting his plan.  Harris is such a friggin' narcissist.  What are the enzymes he gives off?  I wouldn't eat with him.  🙂

It is so frustrating viewing DC at times.  The early concern about crab pricing when Covid 19 hit was legitimately dramatic.  Junior, who is so debt laden, wsa potentially facing ruin.  Everyone talked about prices.  So, why do we never, ever, hear the actual numbers in real time?  Had they already been falling?  How much?  How fast?  It's fine to keep the bottom line accounting of the individual operations on the down low.  But, the pricing for the entire fleet is not a state secret.  

It really struck me, for some reason, just how much more crab the Wizard routinely harvests than the others.  She was over 1.4 million pounds on the tote board.  Everyone else was waaaaaay below that number, including the NW.  How?  The Wizard is not that big.  She does not carry appreciably more pots than the others.  Her tanks can't hold double the crab.  But, she doubles, triples, and quadruples the others.  In the same amount of time, per the edits.  I do get that Keith manages to get more quota.  That's just business relationships.  

This leads me to another nagging observation...we never hear anyone complaining how the Wizard crew gets so much more money than all the others.   Those guys are world class grumps when the chips are down, as they often are out on the Bering Sea.   Yet, no resentments about the pay disparities?


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What I will always hate is we got the first view of the Fleet getting the news from HARLEY.   Not one of the guys we've been following for umpteen years, but the new guy.   Who grunted and said "well, that's interesting."      Just blah.   This was edited after we KNEW how bad it was going to be.   They could have done more with it.   

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