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Yellowstone: Speculation Without Spoilers

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Here to do some speculating about Season 5 (coming in November) if anyone wants to join me. 

I hope there will be a matchup between Summer and Governor Lynelle. In an earlier season Lynelle remarked to, I think it was the previous Attorney General, that some way she was handling things was how she "controlled" John. I do think she has more of a strong hand than he thinks she does. How will she react when she sees what I assume will be some relationship developing between John and Summer? Lynelle and John have clearly had a casual thing they both enjoy for a few years now, and they like and I guess respect each other.

Lynelle is closer to John's age, maybe in her mid 50s, and knows a lot about his good and bad sides. Summer is basically wide-eyed and clueless. I'm not interested in her character and prefer that she serve several years in a prison in a faraway state, but I don't think that's Sheridan's plan. If he were good at writing women characters, and he is not, he would flesh out Lynelle and let us see her machinations that John is unaware of. 

And please, don't let the relationship between John and Summer turn into her having John do yoga and eat salad with fruit in it. Although, there's the potential for glorious comedy in a dinner table conversation between Beth and a Summer who thinks she belongs under John's roof and at his table.

Oh please, show, let Beth get crossed a few times in S5 and not have a way to retaliate. 

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I know in an  earlier episode Beth warned Jamie that she would kill him if he ever betrayed the family again. Now I wonder if the writers and producers are setting up Wes Bentley (portrays Jamie Dutton) to leave the show? Either this next episode or next season? Because the way Jamie has become is like a snake that needs it's head removed! He has no problem with betraying the Dutton family....so I wonder is this a way to get the actor to leave the show? Maybe by killing him off? After this latest betrayal...I just do not see Jamie living.

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wbe123...Interesting.  VERY interesting.
But, I see Jamie as being the necessary bad guy...smart lawyer, not really a cowboy (in cowboy country) and seriously conflicted by his behavior as a teen (the Beth issue). The never-relenting demand for revenge is a common theme here. 
So, no.  I see Jamie staying around to be the guy who gets kicked around every so often (especially by Beth and John Dutton.  And, if Jamie leaves the show, who gets those stray Dutton arrows? Taylor Sheridan needs to insult someone (usually someone not quite "cowboy"). And, with Jimmy working at the 6666 Ranch, who else can John Dutton stomp on? 

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Well what I was thinking is that maybe they have a new "bad guy" in the works? Maybe someone WORSE than Jamie??...if that is even possible! Anyway  just food for thought...because if Beth keeps her word.... I can see her shooting Jamie! Maybe she will and it will not be fatal (But it would be very very hard to convince fans of the show Beth could not hit what she was aiming at! I am sure her father taught her how to shoot!!) I just know that this is the second time he has betrayed the Dutton family and with that is going to have some bad consequences follow it....especially where Beth is concerned! But I guess we will see what she does in either this last episode or the next season.

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