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  1. Just finished Japan 1941, by Eri Hotta. This is an examination of why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Really well done (and it has a map!). Thorough, detailed, insightful. No simple answers. Excellent combination of psychology, economics, military, etc.
  2. Ok folks...a question: Harry Turtledove wrote numerous works of alternative history fiction. I read a few some years ago and found them entertaining. Has anyone read them more recently? Any of the newer titles stand out?
  3. MacBeth...Oh yes...Judge Jeannine was a classic performance. Especially the way she kept splashing Jost with the wine.
  4. Just finished a quick, insightful and surprising book: Buried Dreams, about the construction of the Hoosac tunnel through the Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts. The author provides a succinct sweep of Massachusetts economic ups and downs, as it competes with the rest of the Eastern US states and global opportunities. This sets the context for the reason for building a railroad tunnel (intercept some of the Erie Canal trade and get it to Boston), and its associated financing challenges, plus the challenges of smashing through nearly five miles of rock using mid-19th century techniqu
  5. Just figuring things out. Case closed!
  6. So Peaches...Lorelai would have been just about, lets see...16/17 with infant Rory, add 21 years when Rory graduates from Yale, then another 10 years to show the 4-episode series...that makes about 48 years old when she finally agrees to marry Luke. Also, Rory would be about 31 when she gets rejected for that web publishing job (by my all-time favorite whiney teen, Whitney from "The Affair".) Is that about right?
  7. Oh Peaches..."gats a'blazin'...thanks, I really needed that for a good laugh. 😆
  8. Hi Kemper... I would settle for Joe planning his questions in advance, then asking them in a concise, clear way. Avoid the rambling.
  9. grommit2

    NFL Thread

    Fascinating. I am amazed at how many hours sports talk radio can commit to pretty much the same thing, over and over, every day. In Wisconsin, it's Aaron Rodgers. In New England, it's Tom Brady. In New York, it's, well, the Yankees and some Mets. What an interesting way to earn a living. Pick any town, it's the same thing. Just talk about the same thing every day for several months at a stretch.
  10. The Sun Also Rises. Gads...I already know the major themes. And that Hemingway is lauded as a great writer. But, geez, I am struggling to find any redeeming value in this novel.
  11. grommit2

    NFL Thread

    I'm a little confused. There seems to be a lusting after quarterbacks that can run and throw...Patrick Hahomes clones. Mahomes certainly is a game-changer and I would love to have him on my team. But, is this the real path to Super Bowls? Aren't most successful teams QBed by big, strong-armed folks who really do not run much. Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, etc...do not strike me as really quick runners. And isn't the fear that when your franchise QB ventures outside the pocket, he is going to get crushed by a 300 pound sprinter playing middle line backer? But, what do I kno
  12. grommit2

    MLB Thread

    Hmmm...let's see...the games take too long. I wonder why. Could it be, possibly, maybe...that the pitchers take TOO LONG between pitches? Geez...they experimented wit the pitch clock all the way up to AAA level ball. They saw that it worked. Why not put it into play at the majors? Is MLB afraid the pitchers would stage a strike. Oh..."a strike"...see how I did that. Ha. I'm so clever. 🤪
  13. Decided to try something lighter than tales of corporate greed and political shenanigans (Kochland, Dark Money), so I picked up Claw Enforcement by Sofie Ryan. Just the right thing for these troubling times, eh? Well, no. The cat featured on the cover does next to nothing to move the story along, unlike the dog, Chet, in the Spencer Quinn mysteries. The Claw book starts well, but then wanders around with digressive descriptions of refurbishing second-hand goods for a resale shop. There are some themes of potential love life, but they just did not grab me, nor did they move the myste
  14. Ok. Finally done with Jane Mayer's Dark Money. Only 380 pages. Thoroughly researched and documented. Tells the story of the wealthy Right's drive to turn government toward their two goals: minimize taxes on themselves and their businesses, and minimize regulations on their businesses. You can agree with their goals or not, but I believe you have to applaud their sharply focused programs, long range plans and programs. Their funding emanates from a relatively small, uber-wealthy group: fewer players helps keep things on track. They really, really played the long game. A good comp
  15. grommit2

    The NBA

    Hi Magog...my 2 cents: I find that there are some players who are truly fun and/or exciting to watch. Oh yes, Michael Jordan was certainly one of them. As was Bird, Magic, Cousy, West, Baylor, even Chamberlain. I might not root for them, but I certainly marvel at their skills. And Curry is also in that elite group. He shoots so quickly and from so far out that you just have to watch to enjoy the show. There does not appear to be any set up, step back...just grab and shoot. Amazing. Unfortunately, he also hurt his ankle...and continued to play through it. Hopefully this will
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