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  1. Yes, she did write that book. Well meaning, given the scene where she had walls full of news articles describing CIA/US government missteps. BUT, it is not a stretch to say that the book was a cover. Yes, she now lives in Russia with Yevgeny, the Russian spy. BUT, you must consider that text message she sent to Saul, two years after the book, where she indicated the latest Russian missile had a back-door, and she was going to send the relevant specs that would defeat the missile. So, end of a really prescient show. Kudos to the writers who presented all those fascinating scenarios in advance of their exposure to common knowledge.
  2. A shred of self-respect? Yes. A chance to realize his strange dream of getting Jewish folks absorbed into America? No.
  3. Gadzooks. This show is really, really dark and angry. I regret having read the book, and seen the TV show. We really, really do not need this provocative, angry stuff right now.
  4. Picture the writers' conference room: "Hey", says the head writer, "what can we do to grab out audience and make them absolutely HATE us?" "Ooh ooh", says writer #2 "lets kill off one of their favorite characters." "Hmm...yeah", says writer #3, pulling his leaky pen from his shirt pocket. "That certainly worked when we knocked off Quinn. They hated us for months after that one." "OK...so who do we take out?", says the head scribe. "Carrie?" a chorus of boos and grumbling follows. "Saul?" Pencils fly, chairs are overturned, laptops frisbeed across the room. "Brody?" chuckles emanate from the room, as the chairs are stood back up. "We took him out earlier in the series", says the head writer. "I wrote that scene myself...one of the most memorable scenes in all of television...stunned the heck out of 'em." More names are thrown out, including former President Keane, current 'only sensible guy in the room' David Wellington, Alex Jones wannabe Brett O'Keefe. But none are accepted. Until the guy who sweeps up all the papers tossed around mumbles "Max" The room grows silent. Eyes squinted. Heads nod slowly. Smiles emerge. "Yes, yes...that's it...lets kill off the guy with the computers". The room erupts with loud cheers. "Guaranteed...the viewers will ALL hate us for that...ahh...it will spike ratings...bonuses for all."
  5. Oh poop...I can always make things up, whether they meet reality or not.
  6. Let's hope Max successfully gets out of Afghanistan. Note: he could certainly benefit from a little Peter Quinn assistance. I contend he is hiding out somewhere and will return to save the day.
  7. I offer this: BOTH sides of the cable shout shows use the same techniques: take a one-sided view of an issue and beat it to death. Lecture, lecture, lecture. No real conversation. Of course, the right-leaning shows state their position clearly and consistently, While, for the most part, the left-leaning shows tend to prattle on and on before finally stating their position. Sorry, but that is what I often observed with Mr. Matthews. Smart, experienced, but he had to inject his opinion into every news bite. BOTH sides do us a dis-service: we really want facts...clearly explained, honestly stated. And we want it without the snark, vitriol, yelling, and sycophantic drooling. As an example, I offer the "Medicare for All" discussion. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get the real facts. Rather, we get: "The American system is the best in the world" (is it, really? Based on what?) You do not need insurance...you can go to the emergency room. If you implement Medicare for all, one million insurance company employees will lose their jobs. Really? Medicare for all will cost trillions. Really? What does our current health insurance industry cost us now? Canadians have to wait months to get an appointment with their doctor. Really? And my favorite: Government is not the solution, government is the problem. Agh! Pardon my frustration. It just refuses to stay hidden. <<SIGH>>
  8. An observation: this story line nearly matches what is actually happening NOW in Afghanistan. There is a temporary cease fire, with the next step being withdrawal and peach. But this story line was filmed months ago. I find that fascinating.
  9. Yeah. Alone and friendless. Sometimes it just works out that way. Sometimes one makes a stupid, stupid mistake that stays with you for the rest of your life. Sometimes...<<SIGH>>
  10. Geez...shoot him already!
  11. Linus Roache played David Wellington, Chief of Staff for President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel). President Keane resigned the Presidency at the end of Season 7, much to the surprise of Wellington. Note: IMDB.COM is a comprehensive source!
  12. Some observations: 1) It seems that many of the CIA folks are suspicious of their colleagues. E.g. the station chief in Kabul is monitoring Carrie's phone calls, etc. Hey...let's put all this energy into watching the bad guys. 2) The soldiers really despise Max (who plays his role with great intimidation and fear). But, I guess he has to prove himself. 3) Way to go Max! The comms device is picking up the bad guys' traffic. Nicely done. 4) Geez...maybe Carrie did reveal a deep-secret contact's name. Or maybe not...this show will throw curve balls now and then. 5) Ok...we all despised the Russian (Yevgeny) for punching Carrie. And now we have him close by...time for Quinn to take him out. Oh, no, wait. Quinn is gone. Or is he? 6) One again this show appears ahead of its time...Russians helping the Afghanis, blatantly, overtly. But...didn't the Afghans do a number of the Russians? 10 years and they could not subdue Afghanistan. The show really does portray a part of the world that we should stay away from.
  13. Let me see if I have this correct: 1) Smitty is dead. Left in the street to bleed out. Nobody stopped. Nobody called the police. 2) Mickey has the papers. I assume these are bearer bonds, or something similar. And he needs to find someone to buy them. I guess he will try to go back to the curious stock broker guy. 3) Bunchy is alive and well, although his child is gone to South America with the mother. So, that ends that story line. 4) Darryl is also alive and well, although his GF is dead. Ouch. 5) Ray's daughter, Bridget, is headed back to LA. Her husband is dead. 6) My favorite, Terry, is struggling with Parkinson's and is scoping out tall buildings. Oh no. 7) My REAL favorite, Lena, is also back in LA. OK...let's move back to LA and continue the series, with lots of Lena episodes. 😎 Did Avi (Ray's LA-based muscle) get relocated to South America somewhere? Lets bring him back. 9) Can we get a few more episodes with Susan Sarandon...just asking for a friend. Ha. 10) That mayor really has to go. Time for the baseball bat! 😎
  14. I used to listen to Rachel when she was on "Air America" a radio show. Back then she had this little habit of chuckling about some news bite. I am glad she broke that habit. But it must be really hard not to bang your head on a wall with some of the news that emanates from our capital.
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