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  1. grommit2

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    My original question had to do with those scenes where the characters stare longingly at the ocean. So, here's the question: are they really staring at the real ocean? OR, are they staring at a green screen (and the CGI crew inserts images of the ocean in post-production).
  2. grommit2

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Here's a question for you: 1) all those scenes of characters staring out at the ocean...are they looking at the real ocean, or is that just CGI? 2)The show is filmed in Monterey California, but the end credits list Canadian tax credits. How does that work?
  3. grommit2

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    wow...Meryl Streep is award-winning outstanding in this series.
  4. grommit2

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Ok. I caught up. All is revealed in season 2. The show is very Shakesperean..."tangled webs..." and all that.
  5. grommit2

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    OK. Just catching up...questions/comments: 1) In Season 2, episode 1 or 2, it is acknowledged that Ziggy/Young Sheldon's father is actually the abusive husband of Celeste (Nicole Kidman). Was this actually stated somewhere, or was it just cleverly woven into the story line? 2) Wow...Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lisa Bonet. way cool. 3) Every one of the leads can deliver their lines with exceptional skill. But none of them matches Meryl Streep. She chews through her scenes with outstanding skill. 4) And the show has my favorite kind of actor: the "Disgruntled Teen". Geez...every show needs at least one. Abigail is good. But Whitney of "The Affair" is still the best. 5) And it looks like Nicole Kidman got her young daughter in a few episodes.
  6. grommit2

    Hardball With Chris Matthews

    Hey...I've got an idea for making MILLIONS! And I want to share it with the smart folks here on Primetimer (fka...Previously.TV). And the idea? A TV network that is REALLY fair, balanced, honest, trusted. A network that does NOT support "shout shows", clearly biased "reporting", lies, innuendos, rants, and one-sided reports. A network that bans "BREAKING NEWS" from every segment. A network that allows proponents to present their opinions, and then immediately parses fact from fiction, calmly, rationally, honestly, respectfully. A network that...oh blimey...sorry to waste your time. I will now go back to trying to master "Over the Rainbow" on my guitar.
  7. grommit2

    S04.E09: American Champion

    Ah yes...but recall that each trader makes MILLION$$$. They live in BIG houses. They drive really spiffy sports cars. They work with really cool computers with MULTIPLE monitors. Hmmm...do I hear the whisper of BIG BUCKs perhaps changing your mind? All that MONEY!! Piles and piles of MONEY. Ohhhhhhh...
  8. grommit2

    S04.E08: Fight Night

    Have to agree with most of the above. Yes, the fight was pretty lame. I would have bet on Dollar Bill, but...glad I didn't. And yes, Spiros is a total caricature of a not-funny court jester. I will miss the pizza place...they served really good pizza. Wendy is really getting clobbered, and deservedly so. She totally violated her professional ethics. Hooray for Taylor...my fave, she actually, sort of, beat Axe this one time. Highlight of this episode was the many pop culture references, rendered in concise, pithy comments: "McFly at the Prom", "Code Red", etc. Give that writer an extra large coffee...well-earned. We could start a thread with suggestions for more of these witty comments.
  9. grommit2

    S04.E07: Infinite Games

    I believe Taylor feared losing her biggest investor, the Firemen's pension fund. Apparently that would have drained most of her fund's money.
  10. grommit2

    S04.E07: Infinite Games

    Excellent question. How did "The Americans" FBI agent become "family" with Axe? Agh...I'm so confused! Ah Ha! Noah Emmerich was in one 2016 episode in Season 1 as Freddie Aquafino. This was the Metallica episode. Was Noah/Freddy/Stan the guy who took a risk and got into deep financial doodoo?
  11. grommit2

    S04.E07: Infinite Games

    Geez...the writers appear to be exorcising their demons, or just seeing how demonic their characters can behave. Why, oh why, does Wendy go after Taylor? Is Wendy so twisted by Chuck (get it...ha!) that she needs to attack someone else? Does she somehow need to prove she is more macho than everyone else? Or is this just Wendy's turn in the barrel of depraved behavior. And Chuck just continues to wander away from whichever direction his moral compass is pointing. Clearly, the man needs to get a hobby. And now Axe/Wendy have clobbered Taylor. Well, Taylor did grab the Fireman's investment fund. So now Axe has to knee-jerk decapitate them. So, someone tell me, what are the writers going for here? Are they just being really not so clever in pointing out how the pursuit of gobs of money is just plain evil? Ahhh...bring back the good old story lines of Axe, or one of his traders, pulling off some insider deal and making bags full of cash. Make it rain, Dollar Bill!
  12. grommit2

    S04.E06: Maximum Recreational Depth

    Agreed! Geez..I hope the writers don't mess with my favorite TV character. They currently have Taylor trying to do the right thing (unique in this show) by supporting her Dad. But, of course, we know how this is going to end when her Dad messes up. And Chuck is going to be dragged down by HIS father, the duplicitous political insider bent on skirting the rules to build some magnificent waterfront edifice. The makeup folks have him looking like the devil incarnate. Geez...when will Axe and Wags encounter their fathers, just to make this a real Shakesperean story line.
  13. grommit2

    S03.E05: Episode 5

    Good reminder. I believe it is officially known as New Shoreham.
  14. grommit2

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    Geez...HUMOR... It was meant to be FUNNY. Gadzooks, take a chill pill, play with the dog, pet the cat, relax, man, relax.
  15. grommit2

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    Well, now I know how to be a doctor. Just get a step stool and stand next to the patient. All the solutions will float above your head. Fascinating.