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  1. Oh boy...saw the episode. The Cape has several distinctive views and the show (finally) included some of them. The best was the view of "Days Cottages", the 20+ little cottages that were constructed during the Depression, renovated over the years, and continue today as rentals.
  2. Enoughcats has to be one of the best pseudonyms of all time!
  3. grommit2

    NFL Thread

    Hi Lamb18 and CRS97 Those of us who worship at the altar of Gronk believe he looks great no matter what he does.
  4. Hi Neona...you gave me the opportunity to FINALLY use my 3 years of HS Latin..."oh, how you try our patience" (or something like that, eh?)
  5. Finished Forever Young, Hayley Mills' autobiography. Primarily focuses on her magnificent opportunity to be the face of Walt Disney's foray into live action, family-friendly movies via a 6-picture deal, including Parent Trap and Pollyanna. Lots of quick info about her co-stars (all of which are "lovely"). Frequent detours into her self-doubts (is this true of all actors?), concerns about growing up, etc. A curious life as the daughter of a famous actor father, an accomplished but alcoholic mom, living in a boarding school when not filming. Along the way we read how her parents, as her lega
  6. Ya' know who would be a perfect fit for this show? Rupert Friend, the CIA hitman from Homeland. Just picture it...Axe Capital doesn't like a competitor? Just send in the hitman. Eh? Is that a great idea or what? Geez...I'm so smart. 😎
  7. Y'all may like D-Day Girls by Sarah Rose. This tells the true story of WW2 women serving as as Allied spies in France. I was familiar with the stories of women helping downed pilots escape France through Spain. But this was different. There was reluctance to employ women in such dangerous roles. But they proved to be smart, brave, strong, resourceful and successful. Unfortunately, like many spies in enemy territory, some were captured and treated poorly...often in violation of Geneva Conventions.
  8. grommit2

    NFL Thread

    Hi Mojoween. I attribute it to all that year-round warm weather and sunshine in Massachusetts.
  9. Geez...I just started following this show. Guess that is about one year late...oh well. It would really be cool if Primetimer had just one stream for the entire show, rather than separate streams for each episode. Oh well...
  10. Oh boy...new autobiography out, penned by Hayley Mills. Yes, the Hayley Mills from the original Parent Trap, Pollyanna, That Darn Cat, and Whistle Down the Wind.
  11. Did Rachel sign for $30 Million? Gadzooks! $30 million?! Each year? wowee!
  12. grommit2

    NFL Thread

    Hi...can y'all help me with some questions? 1) What happens if an unvaccinated player is on the official roster during the regular season? Does the team automatically lose the game? Does the unvaccinated player lose his 1/17th salary? 2) Do the Pats still have Hoyer as their #2? Thanks!
  13. Here's a quick, compelling read for Baldacci fans: Long Road to Mercy. Always good to delve into a good guys vs not-so-good guys novel. This one has all the 3-letter agencies (FBI, NSA, etc) going against each other as rogue players try to stir things up in a BIG way. Our star is an FBI agent stationed near the Grand Canyon (a cool place to visit for sure). Lots of characters, so I recommend keeping a roster of the players.
  14. Let's see: 1) Rory having the baby, but living back home? I don't see much of a new storyline there. Just lots of struggling experienced by all new moms. 2) Lorelai and Luke married...umm...for how long before Lorelai collapses under the weight of her past broken relationships? 3) Sookie and Jackson, still married, with kids. How much new story line could you squeeze out of that? Maybe Sookie gets discovered by a movie producer? Nah...probably too much to ask. 4) Taylor still ruling Stars Hollow...and then what? Runs for higher office? I doubt it..it just does not fit with the GG
  15. Ok...Victorian Era authors: Bronte(s), Trollope, DICKENS, Gaskell, Eliot, Lewis Carrol, Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Hardy, Collins, Thackeray...are considered the biggies. Some Victorian era authors came from countries other than England: Poe!, Stanton, Zola, Dickinson, Nightengale, Allen, Stowe, Henry James (agh!), Melville, Twain!, Hawthorne, Sojourner Truth, Anthony, Victor Hugo. There are a few others who overlap with Victorian era: Doyle, Kipling, HG Wells, Bram Stoker (Dracula!), Conrad. There are more authors, but these are the most notable. As we know, the Victorian era s
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