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S02.E12: Double Dutch Riggle

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An Olympic golfer, a professional musician, a law student, a pageant queen, a former NFL player, a used car salesman, sumo wrestlers and the owner of a golf supply company compete for the final spot in the grand finale. (Finale is scheduled to air 09/10/2020.)


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The last contender for the $250k jackpot is chosen tonight, and next week is the finale (10 September),    7-8 Central (the regular show time) is the season finale, 8-9 is the Special Unhinged, Part 1, of best and worst wipeouts, never-before-seen putts, and funniest moments.   On 17 September 8-9 p.m. Central is part 2 of the best and worst.  

The first contestant (Donald)  has the wildest knickers, even wilder than Rob Riggle's.    Actually, Rob just said he has pants envy. 

The Distractor of Sumo wrestlers is so funny, and definitely distracting.

I love how John Lovitz usually hits better with both eye patches on.  So the one lady makes Blue Balls glasses to see golf balls better?   

I love Donald catching the Pole Cano pole.   When the woman in pink slammed into the pole, and did a spectacular fall into the water was rescued by a lifeguard, it was the one with the romance on the other episode.  

On Double Dutch, Donald did a great save!   That was incredible!   Ashley does a hole-in-one to win the match, and go to the finale!   


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9 hours ago, Girl in a Cardigan said:

I was loving Donald the whole night through, but I can't be mad at Ashley for hitting a hole-in-one (after telling herself to do so and stay dry!). AMAZING! The finale is going to be AWESOME!

I agree. Nailing a hole in one on that hole is super impressive. Even if she hadn't holed out, she was looking at a very short putt, which she probably would have needed given the unlikely scenario of her NOT getting drilled by the first windmill. 

And really Donald was all sorts of impressive with his ability to stay dry all night.

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Yeah, gotta give her props for the hole-in-1. He did everything well, but you just can't win some days.

My support for the show has been flagging the past few weeks. I was unhappy when Cookie Grandma won (after she needed physical help and then Jon Lovitz mis-hit the shot for the NFL player, and she won because the guy's shot was so messed-up), and I'm glad next week is the finale.

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Donald’s success on Polecano was helped by the rewind (I guess he didn’t let go?). He only traveled about half the distance on the second run at half the speed of other contestants.

Really impressive putting by the woman who won.

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23 hours ago, Rickster said:

Donald’s success on Polecano was helped by the rewind (I guess he didn’t let go?). He only traveled about half the distance on the second run at half the speed of other contestants.

I looked at it as he created a new strategy by purposely taking momentum out of the equation. (That presumes he knew the zip wouldn't retract back to the launch point.)

I haven't liked either zip line game, though. Last year people had to land on the dock and they took hard falls on their knees, and this year everyone's getting whiplashed or concussed. Mini golf is supposed to equalize physicality, and Polecano adds it back in. I'd prefer to see them try to drop into target zones with nets under one zone to keep people dry and avoid the penalty.

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